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xkcd: Visual Field - 「視野」に関する様々なトリビア

  • このカテゴリーでは、世界で最も人気があるウェブコミック「xkcd」の最新ナンバーをひたすら日本語に翻訳しています。
  • 過去のコミック翻訳はxkcdカテゴリで。翻訳済みの秀逸なコミックについては、2009年?2010年のベスト10をまとめた記事からどうぞ。
  • このXKCD翻訳の目的の一つは、僕の英語スキル向上です。誤訳がありましたら、コメントなどで気軽にご指摘下さい。

© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License

Visual Field(視野)

[Your Central Visual Field]

Look at the center with your eyes this far from the screen.(You can roll up a sheet of paper and cut it or zoom the page - so it matches this image.)


We only see at high resolution over a small area in the center of our vision where retinal cells are densest(the Fovea).

If you stare at the center of this chart, your eyes are seeing all these panels at roughly the same level of detail.

[Color vision:](色覚:)

We don't see much color outside the center of our vision. our brains keep track of what color things are and fill it in for us.

[Blue-sky sprites](青空のパターン)

These tiny, darting bright spots. visible against smooth blue backgrounds, are white cells moving in the blood vessels over the retina.


Some types of floaters are caused by breakdown of your eyeball goop as you age, but this type is some other kind of debris near the retina. I don't know what.

[Night vision](夜間視力)

Cone cells(sharp, central color vision) don't work in low light, but rod cells(monochrome, low-res, non-central) do. This is why you can walk around in dim light, but not read, it's also why you can sopt fainter stars by looking next to them.

Alt-text: I recently learned something that solved a mystery that had bugged me since childhood--why, when I looked at an analog clock, the hand would sometimes seem to take a couple seconds to start ticking. Google "stopped clock illusion".
 (僕は、最近、子供のときから僕を苦しめていたミステリーを解くためのヒントを学びました。僕がアナログ時計を見たとき、なぜ、針は動きはじめるまでに2秒掛かるように見えるのだろうか。「stopped clock illusion」をググれ。)





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