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 » How to Mix an Exploding Drink, Rev Up Vintage Speakers, Flirt With Confidence


You've seen the YouTube clips demonstrating the riotous effect of dropping Mentos into Diet Coke. Why not turn the fizzy fun into an epic party prank of your own? Here's our recipe for a little cocktail we call the Manhattan Project.

1 // Shop(店)
Buy the ingredients at your corner store: 2 liters of Diet Coke (warm), one pack Mentos candy (mint), and some rum (cheap).

2 // Prep(準備)
Fill an ice tray with water and stick it in the icebox. Just before the liquid solidifies, drop one candy into each cube. Freeze.

3 // Mix(混ぜる)
Combine four cubes and 8 oz. of Diet Coke. Top with 2 oz. of rum. Garnish with a naive smile and serve. Wait five minutes.

4 // Flee(逃げる)
When the ice melts enough to expose the dense candy's gum arabic to the cola, it'll erupt like a fifth-grade science project.


 » メントス - Wikipedia



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