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Moon Armor Index(衛星防護鎧インデックス)


Moon Armor Index

Moon armor index:
How thick the shells around various worlds would be if their moon(s) were converted into protective armor
≈Total moon volume/Planet surface area

Alt-text: Astronomers are a little unsure of the applicability of this index, but NASA's Planetary Protection Officer is all in favor.




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New Year's Eve - 大晦日


New Year's Eve(大晦日)

男: Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and you know what that means:

男: It's the one day of the year when you can convert between ages and birth years by subtraction without worrying about off-by-one errors!
男: Also there are probably parties.

Alt-text: "Off-by-one errors" isn't the easiest theme to build a party around, but I've seen worse.


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Weird Hill - 奇妙な丘


Weird Hill(奇妙な丘)

ベレー帽: Why pick a weird hill to die on...

ベレー帽: ... when you could pick a soft hill to lie on?

男: This is nice.

Alt-text: I'm compromising by picking a weird hill to lie on.


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Christmas Presents - クリスマスプレゼント


Christmas Presents(クリスマスプレゼント)

Bright white and red colors indicate a lack of Chlorophyll
Flourishing in the shade
Tree health suffering
The evidence is clear: Christmas presents are parasitic plants.

Alt-text: "The parasitism might be mediated by a fungus!" exclaimed the biologist who was trying to ruin Christmas again.
 (「寄生は菌によって媒介する可能性がある!」 と叫ぶのは、再びクリスマスを台無しにしようとする生物学者。)


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Edible Arrangements - エディブル・アレンジメント


Edible Arrangements(エディブル・アレンジメント)

男: I don't get how Edible Arrangements is a thing.
女: That's easy -- picking out presents is hard and fruit is delicious.
男: Yeah, true.

女: But my question is, why did they call it "Edible Arrangements" and not "Vore of the Roses"?
男: Just for that, I'm going to cancel the one I got you.
女: Nooo! I want my Mouth Blossoms!
女: My Juicy Bouquet! My Oral Floral!
女: Hey, come back!

Alt-text: Any arrangement is an edible arrangement if you're hungry enough.


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