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53 Cards - 53枚のカード


53 Cards(53枚のカード)

男: I've found a way to turn a 52-card deck into 53 cards by shuffling and rearranging them.

ポニーテール: No, you haven't.

男: How do you know?! I challenge you to find an error in my math!

Every conversation between a physicist and a perpetual motion enthusiast.

Alt-text: Well, there's one right here at the bottom, where it says "53."





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Percent Milkfat - 乳脂肪率


Percent Milkfat(乳脂肪率)

ポニーテール: "2% milk" is 2% milkfat. But "whole milk" isn't 100% milkfat-it's 3.5%.
男: Weird. What's the rest of it?
ポニーテール: About 27% is dark matter. The remainder is dark energy.

Alt-text: "So what's dark energy?" "Cosmologists and the FDA are both trying very hard to find out."


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Faculty:Student Ratio - 教員:学生の比率


Faculty:Student Ratio(教員:学生の比率)

Megan: How's the work going?
Cueball: Can you all at least stand back a little?

My school tried to game the ratings by having a 30:1 faculty:student ratio

Alt-text: They managed to briefly hit the top of the rankings when they rejected everyone except one applicant, published 5 billion research papers that just said "Hi," and hired one of their graduates for $50 trillion/year (then fired them after 10 microseconds.)


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Chemistry Nobel - ノーベル化学賞


Chemistry Nobel(ノーベル化学賞)

ポニーテール: I don't know why no one else thought to look here.

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to the team that discovered the elements in the big gap at the top of the periodic table.

Alt-text: Most chemists thought the lanthanides and actinides could be inserted in the sixth and seventh rows, but no, they're just floating down at the bottom with lots more undiscovered elements all around them.


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How Old - 歳いくつ?


How old(歳いくつ?)

I'd like you to meet my dad.
Aww, how old is he?

Interaction tip: This is a common question to ask parents about their kids, but for some reason in the other direction it's weird.

Alt-text: We've met! I remember you when you were thiiiis tall! [*holds a hand an inch above their head*]


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Cell Phone Functions - スマホの機能


Cell Phone Functions(スマホの機能)

I have a specific device for this
I just use my phone

Web Browser(ウェブブラウザー)
TV Remote(TVリモコン)
Credit Card(クレジットカード)
Car Key(車の鍵)
Dog Leash(犬の鎖)
Steering Wheel(車のハンドル)
Cheese Grater(チーズ用おろし金)
Nail Clipper(爪切り)
Electric Drill(電気ドリル)

Alt-text: ... tazer ... fire extinguisher ... bird feeder ... toilet paper ...
... テイザー銃 ... 消火器 ... 鳥の餌箱 ... トイレットペーパー ...


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Hours Before Departure - 出発までの時間


Hours Before Departure(出発までの時間)

6:27 AM
Crew departs for launch site

9:32 AM

I know I tend to arrive too early at the airport, but it still weirds me out that Neil Armstrong left for the launch site just three hours before departure.

Alt-text: They could afford to cut it close because they all had Global Entry.


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College Athletes - 大学のアスリート


College Athletes(大学のアスリート)

ポニーテール: Oh, huh. California passed a law giving college athletes full rights to their names and images.
白ハット: Good, I think?

男: That's nothing. Our state gave college players rights to use the names and images of any California athletes.
ポニーテール: It did not.

男: Sure it did!

男: That's how our school fielded a basketball team made up entirely of Steph Currys.
白ハット: Or is the plural "Stephs Curry"?

男: They didn't all copy the original Steph, though. One player got the rights to his name, then the next player got it from them, and so on.
男: This process is known as "currying".

ポニーテール: ...I hate you so much.

Alt-text: Their signature play is the three-point combinator, a recursive offense which is guaranteed not to halt and continues accumulating points until the buzzer.


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Fresh Pears


Fresh Pears(新鮮な梨)

女: I put in my quarters. Is the machine broken?
ベレー帽: It just takes a while to work.

Alt-text: I want to sell apples but I'm still working on getting the machine to do the cutting and grafting.


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Drone Fishing - ドローン釣り


Drone Fishing(ドローン釣り)

My Hobby: Drone Fishing
Alt-text: Today's consumers who order their drones off the internet don't know the joy of going out in nature and returning with a drone that you caught yourself, whose angry owners you fought off with your own two hands.


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