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L6 Lagrange Point - L6ラグランジュポイント


L6 Lagrange Point(L6ラグランジュポイント)
Huge space news: Astronomers have discovered a new Lagrange point just outside Cleveland.

Alt-text: It's difficult to orbit L6 stably due to gravitational perturbation from Akron and Toledo.




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Game Night Ordering - ゲームナイトのオーダー


Game Night Ordering(ゲームナイトのオーダー)

男: What should we use to order? Grubhub? DoorDash?

ポニーテール: I'll do Grubhub; you can send me money. Do you do Venmo? Paypal? Yahoo Cash?

男: Yahoo Cash has to be fake.

ポニーテール: Yes. Dang. I'll get your share.

Our game night has an ongoing competition to see who can mention the most fake apps and services without getting called on it.

Alt-text: One good trick, if you get called on a fake service, is to build a working version of it and mention it again the next week.


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Pando - パンド



Christmas Science Fact: Pando is approximately 9,300 feet of lights away from being the world's largest Christmas Tree.

Alt-text: The presents under the tree are actually a single gift connected by an underground ribbon system.


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Cold Complaints - 風邪の不満


Cold Complaints(風邪の不満)

ポニーテール: Well, it's not COVID or flu. Probably one of the other viruses.
男: Ughh

ポニーテール: There's not much you can do to speed up recovery other than rest, hydrate, and whine and complain and be a gigantic baby about it.

男: Whine and complain?
ポニーテール: Yeah. You need to act like you're the first person ever to have a cold.

欄外の声: Are you sure that's what she said?
男: Unbelievable. Here I am, the only person ever to feel bad, and you're doubting me?

Alt-text: Our investigation into whining-based remedies became the first study to be halted by the IRB on the grounds that the treatment group was 'too annoying.'


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Data Point - データポイント


Data Point(データポイント)

Figure 2.
Science power move: When one of your data points is really cool, devote a whole figure to it.

Alt-text: In general you should only include your single best data point in the paper. The rest of the data can go in the supplementary materials.


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