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Decay Modes - 崩壊モデル


Decay Modes(崩壊モデル)

alpha decay(アルファ崩壊)
beta decay(ベータ崩壊)
gamma decay(ガンマ崩壊)
electron capture(電子捕獲)
positron emission(陽電子崩壊)
neutron emission(中性子崩壊)

Baryon panic(バリオンパニック)
Omega decay(オメガ崩壊)
Electron wilt(電子ウィルト)
One big nucleon(1つの大きな核子)
Fungal decay(真菌崩壊)
Collapse due to invasion by the Sea Peoples(海の民族による侵略による崩壊)

Alt-text: Unlike an Iron Age collapse, a Bronze Age collapse releases energy, since copper and tin are past the iron peak on the curve of binding energy.




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Oceanography Gift - 海洋学ギフト


Oceanography Gift(海洋学ギフト)

男: Happy birthday!
男: I got you these water molecules.

10 years pass

女: Aww, thank you!

Global surface ocean connectivity times are ≤10 years (Jönsson & Watson, 2016, DOI:10.1038/ncomms11239), so if you're willing to plan ahead, you can pour water into the ocean while wishing someone a happy birthday, and then in 10 years let them know they can pick up their gift at the nearest coastline.
 (世界の表層海洋の接続時間は≦10年である(Jönsson & Watson, 2016, DOI:10.1038/ncomms11239)ため、前もって計画する気があれば、誰かの誕生日を祝いながら海に水を注ぎ、10年後に最寄りの海岸線でプレゼントを受け取ることができると知らせて。)

Alt-text: Shipping times vary. Same-ocean delivery may only take a few years, but delivery from the Weddell Sea in Antarctica may take multiple decades, and molecules meant for inland seas like the Mediterranean may be returned as undeliverable by surface currents.


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Thanksgiving Arguments - 感謝祭の議論


Thanksgiving Arguments(感謝祭の議論)

ブログタイトル: How to win political arguments with your awful relatives at Thanksgiving dinner

女: You know, despite all the posts about it, surveys show most families don't actually argue about politics at Thanksgiving.*
脚注: *

女: Take your relatives. Their political opinions are basically fine.
女: Maybe you should write about what they argue about?

ブログタイトル: How to win arguments about The Rise of Skywalker at your Thanksgiving dinner
女(欄外): Aunt Katie does bring that up a lot, doesn't she.
男: This'll be year four.

Alt-text: An occasional source of mild Thanksgiving tension in my family is that my mother is a die-hard fan of The Core (2003), and various family members sometimes have differing levels of enthusiasm for her annual tradition of watching it.


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Rebuttals - 反論



男: It's become conventional wisdom that the backlash against the prevailing consensus led researchers to ignore inconvenient new evidence. However...

In a field that's been around for a while, it can be hard to figure out how many levels of rebuttal deep you are.

Alt-text: The mainstream dogma sparked a wave of dogmatic revisionism, and this revisionist mainstream dogmatism has now given way to a more rematic mainvisionist dogstream.


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Materials Scientists - 材料科学者


Materials Scientists(材料科学者)

男: Where is this wrapping paper from? It's so thin, but I can't tear it. Is this amarid fabric?!
男: Maybe I can unpeel the... oooh, the tape flashes as I pull it up! Triboluminescence! Did you add a phosphor? It's so bright!
男: Wait, are these patterns structural coloration?

Materials scientists are like cats - the best present you can get them is an empty box with cool wrapping paper.

Alt-text: If a materials scientist gives you a present, always ask whether regifting will incur any requirements for Federal paperwork.


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