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Size Comparisons - サイズ比較


Size Comparisons(サイズ比較)

男: Texas is so big that if you expanded it to the size of the Solar System, the ants there would be as big as Rhode Island.
ポニーテール: Wow!
ポニーテール: ...Wait.

My hobby: Unhelpful size comparisons

Alt-text: If you shrank the Solar System to the size of Texas, the Houston metro area would be smaller than a grasshopper in Dallas.




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Bursa of Fabricius - ファブリキウス嚢


Bursa of Fabricius(ファブリキウス嚢)

The bursa of Fabricius is a lymphoid organ found only in birds and in 16th century anatomist Hieronymus Fabricius, to whom it conferred the power of flight.

ヒエロニムス・ファブリキウス: Wheee

Alt-text: If an anatomical structure is named for a person, it means they were the only person to have it. Pierre Paul Broca had a special area of his brain that created powerful magnetic fields, enabling him to do 19th century fMRI research.


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K-Means Clustering - k平均法


K-Means Clustering(k平均法)

ポニーテール: Our analysis shows that there are three kinds of people in the world:

ポニーテール: Those who use k-means clustering with k=3, and two other types whose qualitative interpretation is unclear.

Alt-text: According to my especially unsupervised K-means clustering algorithm, there are currently about 8 billion types of people in the world.


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Code Lifespan - コードの寿命


Code Lifespan(コードの寿命)

ポニーテール: It took some extra work to build, but now we'll be able to use it for all our future projects.

How to ensure your code is never reused

ポニーテール: Let's not overthink it; if this code is still in use that far in the future, we'll have bigger problems.

How to ensure your code lives forever

Alt-text: Surely (no one/everyone) will (recognize how flexible and useful this architecture is/spend a huge amount of effort painstakingly preserving and updating this garbage I wrote in 20 minutes)


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Planet Killer Comet Margarita - 惑星キラー・彗星マルガリータ


Planet Killer Comet Margarita(惑星キラー・彗星マルガリータ)

The Planet Killer Comet Ice Margarita

4,000 oil tankers full of tequila
1,000 tankers full of orange liqueur
1,000 tankers full of agave
The juice from 20 trillion limes
One comet nucleus

(1) Drain Lake Mead, combine ingredients behind Hoover Dam
(2) Detonate comet using Bruce Willis's drilling rig from Armageddon (1998)
(3) Dispense drink through Hoover Dam turbines

Alt-text: I'll take mine on the rocks, no ice.


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