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Formatting Meeting - フォーマット会議


Formatting Meeting(フォーマット会議)

Localization working group(ローカリゼーションワーキンググループ)

Upcoming meetings(今後の会議)
US Team: 2/3/22(米国チーム: 2022年2月3日)
EU Team: 2/3/22(EUチーム: 2022年3月2日)

男: And the European formatting and localization team will meet a month later...

Alt-text: Neither group uses iso 8601 because the big-endian enthusiasts were all at the meeting 20 years ago.




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Moonfal - ムーンフォール



女: Are you excited for Moonfall?
女: Or cringing?
男: Well...

男: I like when stories are grounded in good science because it's exciting to expand our ideas of what's possible.

男: But I also support giving Roland Emmerich as much money as he wants to make cool spaceship noises and smash moons into things.
女: Excited to expand our ideas of how much stuff can explode at once.

Alt-text: Novel ideas and cool explosions are both good, but what I really want from a movie is novel ideas ABOUT cool explosions.


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Confounding Variables - 交絡変数


Confounding Variables(交絡変数)

女: If you don't control for confounding variables, they'll mask the real effect and mislead you.
女: But if you control for too many variables, your choices will shape the data and you'll mislead yourself.

女: Somewhere in the middle is the sweet spot where you do both, making you doubly wrong.
女: Stats are a farce and truth is unknowable. See you next week!

Alt-text: You can find a perfect correlation if you just control for the residual.


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December 25th Launch - 12月25日の打ち上げ


December 25th Launch(12月25日の打ち上げ)

T-Minus 10...9...8...

サンタクロース: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

Cueball: Oh no.

Alt-text: Update: Santa has been destroyed by the range safety officer.


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Rapid Test Results - 迅速検査結果


Rapid Test Results(迅速検査結果)

Interpreting Rapid Test Results(迅速検査結果の解釈)

Approximately positive
Positive (college ruled)
Good cell signal
Did you know these lines are actually parallel?
The Blair Witch is near
Click to expand COVID menu

Alt-text: A solid red area with two white lines means that you have been infected with the anti-coronavirus, COVID+19, which will cure anyone you have close contact with.


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