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Alien Visitors 2 - エイリアンの訪問者2


Alien Visitors2(エイリアンの訪問者2)

宇宙人: Greetings, humans. We have returned.
宇宙人: Since you already have pyramids, we've brought you more advanced wonders.
宇宙人: These machines will let you conquer the sky!
欄外の声: A biplane?
欄外の声: Aren't monoplanes more efficient?
欄外の声: Does that blimp use hydrogen?

宇宙人: (CH3CH2 )4Pb
宇宙人: Add this elixir of lead to your gasoline and your engines will run smooth.
白ハット: Lead? Isn't that stuff toxic?

宇宙人: Is it?
宇宙人: Oh no.

宇宙人: Okay, uh.
宇宙人: This device's electric press can squeeze fresh fruit juice from bags of pulp!

ポニーテール: ...Just curious, did you build that saucer?
男: Maybe we shouldn't stand right under it.

Alt-text: "Although fresh juice DOES sound--" "NO! For humanity to survive we must learn from the mistakes of the past."




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Alien Visitors - エイリアンの訪問者


Alien Visitors(エイリアンの訪問者)

エイリアン: Greetings, humans!
女: Whoa, aliens!
エイリアン: We bring you technological wonders!
エイリアン: We will help you lift great stones and build towering monuments.
男: Oh, pyramids?

エイリアン: ...Yes.
男: Yeah, we have those. In Egypt.
女: And Mexico.
男: I think they used ramps?

エイリアン: Then we shall build a ring of stones aligned with the stars, so at the solstice-

女: Oh, like Stonehenge?
エイリアン: Dammit, humans.

Alt-text: Stay right there, we'll be back in a minute. We've just gotta brainstorm some new wonders. Have you all figured out gears yet? Yes? Crap.


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Base Rate - 基準率


Base Rate(基準率)

男: Remember, right-handed people commit 90% of all base rate errors.

Alt-text: Sure, you can talk about per-capita adjustment, but if you want to solve the problem, it's obvious that this is the group you need to focus on.


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Health Drink - 健康飲料


Health Drink(健康飲料)

白ハット: My new health drink is packed with amino acid nanoenzymes that I designed to train your immune system to fight infections!

男: Can you give it to some people and see if they get sick less often?

白ハット: Whoa, that sounds way too complicated.

Alt-text: You'd need to keep track of so many people! Would you use, like, Excel or something? Far too fancy for a simple country nanoenzyme developer like me.


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First Time Since Early 2020 - 2020年初頭以来初めて


First Time Since Early 2020(2020年初頭以来初めて)

This is actually the first time I've _____ since early 2020."
 (実を言うと、_____ は、2020年初頭以来初めてです。)


◀been to a birthday party
◀eaten at a restaurant
◀seen my family
◀been on a plane
◀gone to a movie
◀gone to a store
◀installed software updates
◀eaten a vegetable
◀opened the fridge
◀paid taxes
◀washed my hands
◀seen another person
◀seen a ghost
◀served as a decoy
◀sighted land
◀checked the news
◀checked on the customers in the escape room
◀contracted a novel bat virus


Title text: Gotten the Ferris wheel operator's attention


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2021年) です。