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Neutrinos - ニュートリノ議論


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女: Did you see the neutrino speed of light thing?

男: Yup! Good news; I need the cash.

女: Huh? cash?

[Yeah. When there's a news story about a study overturning all of physics, I used to urge caution, remind people that experts aren't all stupid, and end up in pointless arguments about Galileo.]

男: No, this isn't about whether relativity exists. if it didn't, your GPS wouldn't work.

What do you mean, "science thought police"? Have you seen our budget? We couldn't begin to afford our own thought police.

女: That sounds miserable and unfulfiling.

男: Yup. So I gave up, and now I just find excited believers and bet them $200 each that the new result won't pan out.

女: That's mean.

男: It provides a good income, and if I'm ever wrong, I'll be too excited about the new physics to notice the loss.

Alt-text: I can't speak to the paper's scientific merits, but it's really cool how on page 10 you can see that their reference GPS beacon is sensitive enough to pick up continential drift under the detector (interrupted halfway through by an earthquake).
 (僕は、新聞記事の科学的なメリットを話す事は出来ません。でも、その探知器(地震により、途中で中断された)の下で漂う大陸に十分気付く程、彼らの使用したGPS ビーコンの感度がと言うことを君がこの10ページの中でどんなふうに見るかは興味深いです。)





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