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EST - 地球標準時


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XKCD presents

Earth Standard Time(EST)

A Universal Calendar for a Universal Planet

EST is. . .

Simple - Clearly Defined - Unambiguous - Free of Historical Baggage - Compatible with Old Units - Precisely Synced with the Solar Cycle - Free of Leap Years - Intermittently Amenable to Date Math


Second: 1 SI Second

Minute: 60 Seconds

Hour: 60 Minutes

Day: 1444 Minutes (24 hours 4 minutes)

Month: 30 Days

Year: 12 Months


For 4 hours after every full moon, run clocks backward.

The non-prime-numbered minutes of the first full non-reversed hour after a solstice or Equinox happen twice.

Epoch(開始時)|Time Zones(タイムゾーン)

00:00:00 EST, January 1, 1970: The two EST Time Zones are EST and EST(United Kingdom)
 (1970年1月1日0時0分0秒 東部標準時:2つのESTタイムゾーンは、ESTとEST(イギリス)です。)

=00:00:00 GMT, January 1, 1970(Julian Calendar): These are the same except that the UK second is 0.9144 Standard Seconds

Daylight Saving: Countries may enter DST, but no time may pass there.

Narnian Time: Synchronized (check)

Year Zero: EST does have a year 0 (However, there is no 1958.)
 (ゼロ年:ESTは、year 0があります。(しかし、それは1958年ではない。))

Alt-text: The month names are the same, except that the fourth month only has the name "April" in even-numbered years, and is otherwise unnamed.





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