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 ゾンビに出会ってしまった時の対処法が書かれたTシャツです。Olly Moss氏によるイラスト。


In case of zombies...(ゾンビに出会ったら・・・)

1. Zombies exhibit poor spacial awareness and are therefore easy to sneak up on.

2. Always aim for high ground. You will be more difficult to eat.

3. Never leave a man behind.

4. Zombies are slow and dimwitted. It may be possible to move amongst then undetected.

5. Show no mercy. She's not your mother anymore.

6. Firearms make excellent zombie deterrents. Just remember to aim for the head.

7. Zombies have difficulty moving quickly. It should be easy to outrun them.

8. Sporting goods can be handy in a punch.

9. Failure to follow these instructions will result in death and zombification.

This guide was brought to you in conjunction with the zombie awareness council.


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