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xkcd: Worst-Case Shopping - 備えあれば憂いなし


© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License

Worst-Case Shopping(最悪のケースに備えて)

男1の妄想: Eight meters. There's the wreckage... Yes! I see the key!

Gotta grab it, Surface, get in to the radio shed, and warn the president!

Just a few more...

Oh no!

$24.95 Hi-brite:Water redistant to 10 meter
$49.95 Fenstar G6: Water resistant to 40 meters

男1: ...Maybe I should spring for the deeper water resistance.

男2: Why on earth would you care about that?

男1: Look, you never know.

Alt-text: Wait a minute. If I'm escaping from a submarine at 50 meters, then I'll *definitely* need a flashlight to find air pockets for gradual decompression on the way up. Time to start shopping professional dive lights.
 (ちょっと待て。 水深50メートルで潜水艦から逃げる時、途中で段階的に減圧する為のエア・ポケットを探し出す必要があるから、「確実に」フラッシュライトが必要になるな。今が、プロ用のダイバーライトを買うその時だ。)






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