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xkcd: Eyelash Wish Log - どす黒いまつげのおまじない

  • このカテゴリーでは、世界で最も人気があるウェブコミック「xkcd」の最新ナンバーをひたすら日本語に翻訳しています。
  • 過去のコミック翻訳はxkcdカテゴリで。翻訳済みの秀逸なコミックについては、2009年?2010年のベスト10をまとめた記事からどうぞ。
  • このXKCD翻訳の目的の一つは、僕の英語スキル向上です。誤訳がありましたら、コメントなどで気軽にご指摘下さい。

© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License

Eyelash Wish Log(「まつげのおまじない」ログ)

[Eyelash wish log](「まつげのおまじない」ログ)

Jan 09: That wishing on eyelashes worked

Jan 12: A pony

Jan 15: Unlimited wishes

Jan 19: Revocation of rules prohibiting unlimited wishes

Jan 20: A finite but arbitrarily large number of wishes

Jan 28: The power to dictate the rules governing wishes

Feb 05: Unlimited eyelashes

Feb 06: That wish-granting entitles be required to interpret wishes in accordance with the intent of the wisher

Feb 08: That wish-granting entitles be incapable of impatience

Feb 12: Unlimited breadsticks

Feb 12: Veto power over other's wishes

Feb 19: Veto power over other's wishes and all congressional legislation

Feb 23: The power to override any veto

Feb 27: The power to see where any shortened URL goes without clicking

Feb 29: The power to control the direction news anchors are looking while they talk

Mar 07: The power to introduce arbitrary error into Nate Silver's predictions

Mar 15: A house of stairs

Mar 23: A universe which is a replica of this one sans rules against meta-wishes

Mar 29: Free transportation to and from that universe

Apr 02: A clear explanation of how wish rules are structures and enforced

Apr 07: The power to banish people into the TV show they're talking about

Apr 08: Zero wishes

Apr 15: Veto power over clocks

Apr 22: A Pokeball that works on strangers' pets

Alt-text: Ooh, another one. Uh ... the ability to alter any coefficients of friction at will during sporting events.


 Eyelash Wish(まつげのおまじない)は、抜けたまつげを見つけたら、それを手に取り、願いをこめてから「ふっ」と吹き飛ばすとその願いが叶うと言う習慣。今回のコミックは、黒ハットが行った「まつげのおまじない」を記録したログ一覧。





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