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Presidential Succession - 大統領の継承順位

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Presidential Succession(大統領の継承順位)

A proposal for a new presidential line of succession
Current politics aside, most experts agree the existing process is flawed. The Presidential Succession Act of 1947 is probably unconstitutional on several counts, and there are many practical issues with the system as well.
(For more, see the surprisingly gripping Second Report of the Continuity of Government Commission, June 2009.)
Proposed line of succession:
1. President
2. Vice president
3. Secretary of State
4. Secretary of Defense
5. Secretary of Homeland Security
6. Attorney General
7. Five people who do not live in Washington DC, nominated at the start of the president's term and confirmed by the Senate
8. Tom Hanks
9. State Governors, in descending order of state population at last census
10. Anyone who won an Oscar for playing a governor
11. Anyone who won a Governor's award for playing someone named Oscar
12. Kate McKinnon, if available
13. Billboard year-end Hot 100 singles artists #1 through #10 (for groups, whoever is credited first in name, liner notes, etc)
14. The top 5 US astronauts in descending order of total spaceflight time
15. Serena Williams (or, if she lost her most recent match, whoever beat her)
16. The most recent season NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL MVPs
17. Bull Pullman and his descendants by absolute primogeniture
18. The entire line of succession to the British throne
19. The current champion of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest
20. All other US citizens, chosen by a 29-round single-elimination Jousting tournament

Alt-text: Ties are broken by whoever was closest to the surface of Europa when they were born.




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