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Election Impact Score Sheet - 選挙インパクト・スコアシート


Election Impact Score Sheet(選挙インパクト・スコアシート)

Do you know anyone in Arizona?

Research shows that reminders from friends and family to vote have a bigger effect on turnout than anything campaigns do.

One of the best ways you can help is to scroll through your contacts (or use apps like VoteWithMe) to find people you can check in with to see if they plan to vote or need help doing it.

This chart lets you tally the effect of your reminders on the outcome based on who you've contacted and where they live.

Election impact score sheet

* Multiplier based on 538 presidential vote impact, plus points for senate and local elections
 (※ 538票の選挙人の影響に基づく乗数に、上院選と地方選のポイントを加えた。)

In smaller text, to the right of the main score sheet, a duplicate of the score sheet with red tally marks and points is shown

Based on turnout experiments, 10 points on this scale has roughly as much effect on the outcome as one average vote.
For every 10 points you tally, it's as if you voted again!

[Click for printable version]

Share a pic of your score sheet with #Hashtag, and be sure to send a copy to Nate Silver to let him know to include those extra votes in his model!

Alt-text: You might think most people you know are reliable voters, or that your nudge won't convince them, and you will usually be right. But some small but significant percentage of the time, you'll be wrong, and that's why this works.





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