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Vaccine Guidance - ワクチンガイダンス


Vaccine Guidance(ワクチンガイダンス)

女(黒髪): Our new guidance: Fully vaccinated people can gather privately with no masks or distancing, and can visit with unvaccinated low-risk people in one household. Any questions?
女(ブロンド): If my neighbors and I are all vaccinated, can I visit unmasked them and drink milk straight from the jug in there frigde?
女(黒髪): I...You can visit, yes.
女(ブロンド): And the jug thing?
女(黒髪): ...Next question?

女(髪結): I'm fully vaccinated. Can I ride my bike in my sister-in-law's house?
女(黒髪): In her house?
女(髪結): Like, down the stairs.
女(黒髪): I Guess? You should at least wear a helmet.
女(髪結): Even if she's not high-risk?
女(黒髪): Any other questions?

白ハット: I'm two weeks past my second dose.
白ハット: Can I get a horse?
欄外の声: Thank you all for coming.
白ハット: What if I wear a mask?
白ハット: What if the horse does?
Meeting ended by host.

Alt-text: I can't wait until I'm fully vaccinated and can safely send chat messages in all caps again.





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