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Board Game Party Schedule - ボードゲームパーティスケジュール


Board Game Party Schedule(ボードゲームパーティスケジュール)

Board Game Party Schedule(ボードゲームパーティスケジュール)

before 6PM: people filter in
 (午後6時前: 人が集まってくる)
6:00-6:25: small talk
 (6:00-6:25: 雑談)
6:25-6:55: debate which game to play
 (6:25-6:55: どのゲームをするか議論する)
6:55: remember that you need to order food
 (6:55: 食べ物を注文しなければならないことを思い出す)
6:55-7:15: debate where to order from
7:15: pick a place, order
 (7:15: お店を決めて注文)
7:15-7:40: pick a game and start setting up
 (7:15-7:40: ゲームを選び、準備を始める)
7:40-8:20: explain rules to new people
8:20: food arrives
 (8:20: 食べ物到着)
8:20-9:00: eat food
 (8:20-9:00: 食べる)
9:00-9:27: resume setting up
 (9:00-9:27: セッティング再開)
9:27-9:52: more explanation
 (9:27-9:52: 更に説明)
9:52-10:13: restless faction tries to start simpler game
 (9:52-10:13: 落ち着きのないグループが、よりシンプルなゲームを始めようとする。)
10:13-10:38: general debate
 (10:13-10:38: みんなで議論)
10:38-10:57: "It will make sense once you play"
 (10:38-10:57: 「プレイしてみればわかるから」)
10:57-11:10: finish setting up
 (10:57-11:10: セッティング終了)
after 11:10 PM: people head home
 (11:10以降: 帰宅)

Alt-text: Several of the guests are secretly playing Meta Board Game Party. Every minute of parallel debate in the breakaway faction earns double victory points!





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