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Greek Letters - ギリシャ文字


Greek Letters(ギリシャ文字)

What Greek letters mean in equations

π This math is either very simple or impossible.
Δ Something has changed.
δ Something has changed and it's a mathematician's fault.
θ Circles!
 (O R B S)
ϵ Not important, don't worry about it.
υ,ν Is that a V or a U? Or...oh no, it's one of those.
μ This math is cool but it's not about anything that you will ever see or touch, so whatever.
Σ Thank you for purchasing Addition Pro®!
 (Addition Pro®をご購入いただきありがとうございます。)
Π ...and the Multiplication® expansion pack!
ζ This math will only lead to more math.
β There are just too many coefficients.
α Oh boy, now this is math about something real. This is math that could kill someone.
Ω Oooh, some mathematician thinks their function is cool and important.
ω A lot of work went into these equations and you are going to die here among them.
σ Some poor soul is trying to apply this math to real life and it's not working.
ξ Either this is terrifying mathematics or there was a hair on the scanned page.
γ Zoom pew pew pew [space noises] zoooom!
 (ズーン ピュー ピュー ピュー ピュー【宇宙音】ズーン!)
ρ Unfortunately, the test vehicle suffered an unexpected wing separation event.
Ξ Greetings! We hope to learn a great deal by exchanging knowledge with your Earth mathematicians.
ψ You have entered the domain of King Trition, ruler of the waves.

Alt-text: If you ever see someone using a capital xi in an equation, just observe them quietly to learn as much as you can before they return to their home planet.





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