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Rejected Question Categories - 不採用になった質問カテゴリー


Rejected Question Categories(不採用になった質問カテゴリー)

In What If? 2 (, I answer ridiculous questions sent in by readers about everything from volcanoes to spaceships to soup.
 (What If? 2 ( では、火山から宇宙船、スープまで、読者から寄せられたばかげた質問に答えています。)

Here are a few of the common types of questions that I did not answer:

People cheating on homework: What if I made a pendulum by hanging a rock on a 2.75 meter string? What would its period be in seconds? (Show your work!)

Medical advice: What if you got a scratch and the next day your hand looks like this [[クリップ] attachment]? Should you see a doctor or what?

Personal: Why don't the squirrels in my yard like me???

Spam: Do you want to meet lonely singles in your area tonight?

Phishing: Have you recently been the victim of phishing? To check, log in to your account by clicking here.

Requests for help with a crime: Using modern science, what would be the fastest way to get through this bank vault door? [[クリップ] blueprints]

Unanswerable: Why am I me and not someone else

Vague: What is going to happen? (Be specific)

Vague+Ominous: Will I have to start worrying about spiders after Tuesday?

?????: Hi, we're lonely singles in your area, and we're wondering what would happen if we shot a nuclear bomb into a volcano! [partially cut off horizontally:] Click here to log in and tell us
 (?????:こんにちは、私たちはあなたの地域のさみしい独身者です。火山に核爆弾を撃ち込んだらどうなるのでしょうか!?[水平方向に一部カット:] ここをクリックしてログインして教えてください。)

Alt-text: You can click to preorder to get a copy of What If? 2 when it comes out 9/13, assuming we all make it past the spider situation(?) on Tuesday(?).
 (クリックすると予約注文ができる。9/13に発売される「What If? 2」は、火曜日(?)の蜘蛛の状況(?)を全員が乗り越えたとしたら、入手することができる。)





 XKCDの作者、ランドール マンロー氏の著作本『ホワット・イフ?:野球のボールを光速で投げたらどうなるか』を紹介します。ウェブサイトに投稿された科学のおかしな質問を、XKCDばりの捻くれ方で回答し、それらを本にまとめたものです。こちらも面白いので是非に。

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