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Mainly Known For - 主に知られていること


Mainly Known For(主に知られていること)

女: ...And her dad looks exactly like the Pixar guy. Steve what's-his-name? Jobs?
男: "Pixar guy"?
男: You always know famous people for such weird reasons.
女: What do you mean?
男: Who is John Lennon?
女: Wasn't he in a band? With Ringo from Shining Time Station.
男: How is that your main association?

女: I also know he once did a song with the guy from Labyrinth!
男: You mean David Bowie? I think he's famous for some other stuff, too.

女: Oh yeah, he was also in Zoolander!
女: I forgot that movie, it came out back when Jenna Bush's dad was president.
 (あの映画忘れてた。ジェンナ・ブッシュのパパが 大統領だった頃の映画よ)

男: *SIGH*

Alt-text: Oh sure, I know Keira Knightly, from the first movie in that series by The Land Before Time producer. You know, the franchise with the guy from Jurassic Park and Ghostwriter, and script work by Billie Lourd's mom?





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