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I Could Care Less - 少しも気にしない

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I Could Care Less(少しも気にしない)

女: Anyway, I could care less.
 (とにかく、少しも気にしない(could care less)わ。)

ポニーテール: I think you mean you couldn't care less. Saying you could care less implies you care at least some amount.
 (それは、気にしない(couldn't care less)って意味だと思う。気にしない(could care less)っていうことは、少なくともちょっとは気にしているっていうニュアンスになる。)

女: I dunno.

女: We're these unbelievably complicated brains drifting through a void, trying in vain to connect with one another by blindly flinging words out into the darkness.

女: Every choice of phrasing and spelling and tone and timing carries countless signals and contexts and subtexts and more, and every listener interprets those signals in their own way. Language isn't a formal system. Language is glorious chaos.

女: You can never know for sure what any words will mean to anyone. All you can do is try to get better at guessing how your words affect people, so you can have a chance of finding the ones that will make them feel something like what you want them to feel. Everything else is pointless.

女: I assume you're giving me tips on how you interpret words because you want me to feel less alone. If so, then thank you. That means a lot.

女: But if you're just running my sentences past some mental checklist so you can show off how well you know it, then I could care less.
 (でも、それをよく知っていると見せびらかしたいから、いくつかのメンタルチェックリストを通して私の会話をテストするなら、私は気にしない(could care less)。)

Alt-text: I literally could care less.


 「could care less」と「couldn't care less」は、肯定と否定で意味的には反対であるにも関わらず、同じ意味であることについてのコミック。could care lessの意味を指摘された女は、何倍もの説明的口調によって、ポニーテールを圧倒しようとする。


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