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Short Selling - 空売りの例え話


Short Selling(空売り)

男: I don't understand shorting stocks.
ポニーテール: It's like when you promise your firstborn to a witch for five magic beans.

男 (欄外): Is that a common-
ポニーテール: She's a sucker, right? You know your awful kid will be worth one or two beans at best.

ポニーテール: But then it turns out you love your kid, a love worth 200 beans! You can't afford that loss!
ポニーテール: There's only one way out:
ポニーテール: You gotta fight the witch.

ポニーテール: So you send your kid up the beanstalk to battle the giant, who represents interest rates.
男: This analogy is getting less helpful by the minute.
ポニーテール: If only you'd somehow shorted my wisdom before you asked.

Alt-text: "I'm selling all my analogies at auction tomorrow, and that witch over there will give you 20 beans if you promise on pain of death to win them for her." "What if SEVERAL people promised witches they'd win, creating some kind of a ... squeeze? Gosh, you could make a lot of-" "Don't be silly! That probably never happens."







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