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26-Second Pulse - 26秒パルス


26-Second Pulse<(26秒パルス)/strong>

地質学の先生: When everything is still, seismometers pick up faint tremors we call seismic noise.
地質学の先生: Most of it is from ocean waves, cars, etc. But there's also a mysterious 26-second pulse.
地質学の先生: We've triangulated the source to somewhere in the Gulf of Guinea.

地質学の先生: It comes and goes with the seasons, but it's been there since at least the 1980s. It's so regular we use it to sync up seismometers.

欄外の声: What causes it?
地質学の先生: Not sure. The most popular theory is that storm-driven waves set up some kind of resonance with the coast.

地質学の先生: Another theory is that long ago, seismologists murdered a giant and buried the body at sea.
地質学の先生: Now we are haunted by the beating of its telltale heart!
地質学の先生: Could be either.
地質学の先生: Further research is needed.

Alt-text: There are some papers arguing that there's a volcanic component, but I personally think they're just feeling guilty and trying to cover the trail.





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