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xkcd: Phone Numbers - 電話番号

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Phone Numbers(電話番号)

男: I have five phone numbers for you. Which one should I use?
白ハット: That first one is my cell- you should use the Google Voice one, since it will forward to my laptop if I'm on WiFi. #5 is my work number, which just forwards to #1. #3 should always work but can't do texts.
 (その1番目の電話番号は、僕の携帯... 僕がWiFi接続なら、ノートPCに転送されるだろうから、君はグーグルボイスの番号を使って。5番目は、職場の電話番号で、1番目に転送される。3番目は、いつも繋がるけど、テキストメッセージは送れないよ。)
白ハッtp: You can delete #4. I think.
Another reason I never call people.
Alt-text: Texting should work. Unless the message is too long, in which case it gets converted to voicemails, and I think I'm locked out of my voicemail.





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