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xkcd: Cast Iron Pan - 鉄鍋

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Cast Iron Pan(鉄鍋)

白ハット: Never clean a cast-iron pan with soap. It destroys the seasoning.

男: Got it.
白ハット: If you ever let soap touch the pan, throw it away. You're clearly not up to taking care of it.
男: Wow, okay.

白ハット: Apply moisturizer to the pan daily to keep it fresh.
男: ...Moisturizer?
白ハット: Do you want it to get all wrinkly?
男: ...I...guess not.
白ハット: Twice a year, fill the pan with iron filings and leave it in direct sunlight for 24 hours.
男: Wait. 24 hours of sun?
白ハット: If you're not willing to travel to the Arctic, you don't deserve cast iron.

Alt-text: If you want to evenly space them, it's easiest to alternate between the Arctic and Antarctic. Some people just go to the Arctic twice, near the equinoxes so the visits are almost 6 months apart, but it's not the same.





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