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xkcd: Credit Card Rewards - クレジットカードの報酬

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Credit Card Rewards(クレジットカードの報酬)

男: I'm trying to figure out which of these credit card rewards programs is best given my spending.

男: But at some point, the cost of the time it takes me to understand the options outweighs their difference in value.

男: So I need to figure out where that point is, and stop before I reach it.

男: But... when I factor in the time to calculate THAT, it changes the overall answer.

男(黒髪): I question the assumption that you'd otherwise be spending your time on something more valuable.

男: Come on, I could be failing to optimize so many better things!

Alt-text: I should make a list of all the things I could be trying to optimize, prioritized by ... well, I guess there are a few different variables I could use. I'll create a spreadsheet ... eh





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