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Backlash: Internet users are outraged over news stories using a handful of random comments to support arbitrary narratives!

I can't believe how easy it is to create an impression of peer consensus.

This dynamic is so easily manipulated and it freaks me out.

Everytime I share something and a friend responds "Haha, did you see the top comments..." it just reminds me how influential these things are in shaping the impressions of even relatively internet-savvy readers.

NPR got rid of comments in 2016 when they realized they all came from a handful of visitors posting hundreds of times a month.

Eventually social norms will adapt to this stuff, but it needs to hurry up.

I have nine followers and created my account last month; how am I being quoted in this news article??

Alt-text: NPR encourages you to add comments to their stories using the page inspector in your browser's developer tools. Note: Your comments are visible only to you, and will be lost when you refresh the page.
 (NPRは、ブラウザの開発者ツールのページインスペクタを使用して、ストーリーにコメントを追加することを推奨している。 注:あなたのコメントは自分自身にのみ表示され、あなたがページを更新すると失われる。)






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