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1/1,000th Scale World - 1000分の1スケールの世界


1/1,000th Scale World(1000分の1スケールの世界)


For visitors to my 1/1,000th scale world
1 meter = 1 km 1 ft = 1,000 ft
 (1メートル=1キロメートル 1フィート=1,000フィート)

Keep hot objects off the ice sheet over the south pole neutrino observatory
Be patient: Niagara falls will take a few minutes to fill your water glass
Watch for small planes
Warning! Choking hazard! Keep small children away from ascending/descending airliners
Do not remove safety caps
No open flames in Zeppelin area
Do not bother the meteor crater ducks
Trip hazard: The Gateway Arch
Drone altitude limit
Do not mix up the USS Enterprises
No connecting the Dead Sea to the ocean
Do not let ants into the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Only one person on the Golden Gate Tightrope at a time
Do not remove Statue of Liberty LEGO minifig
Please stop releasing goldfish in the ocean. They keep eating the blue whales.

Alt-text: We're worried that a regular whale will get into a 30-foot-deep ocean trench section and filter-feed on all the tiny whales.


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 XKCDの作者、ランドール マンロー氏の著作本『ホワット・イフ?:野球のボールを光速で投げたらどうなるか』を紹介します。ウェブサイトに投稿された科学のおかしな質問を、XKCDばりの捻くれ方で回答し、それらを本にまとめたものです。こちらも面白いので是非に。

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