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xkcd: Home Itch Remedies - 痒みの家庭療法

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Home Itch Remedies(痒みの家庭療法)

女: Argh, bug bites are the worst. I shouldn't scratch, but... so itchy.
男: Oh, you know what's great for that?
女: No, don't tell me. Everyone always has weird home remedies that never work. I just want sympathy.
男: No, this one isn't weird, I promise. It really helps!
男: First, take a hot shower. Then dip some ice cubes in vinegar and use them to crush one baby aspirin. Then make some tea, and...
男: ...then, you need a rare French orchid-
女: I'm going to try a different home remedy where I complain a lot and scratch until my skin comes off.
男: Sounds effective.
女: It's an old family trick.

Alt-text: In my experience, mosquitos and poison ivy are bad, but the very worst itch comes from bites from chiggers (Trombicula alfreddugesi). They're found across the American south and great plains, so the best home remedy is to move to Iceland.
 (私の経験上、蚊とツタウルシは良くない。でも、その最悪のかゆみはツツガムシ(Trombicula alfreddugesi)が噛むことで発生する。それらはアメリカの南と大きな平野の全域で見つかるので、最高の家庭療法はアイスランドへ移住することだ。)





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