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xkcd: Sports Knowledge - スポーツの知識

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Sports Knowledge(スポーツの知識)

男: Mike Trout's on-base plus slugging has been at career highs. After this injury, the Lakers will be lucky if he can hit even close to that.
 (マイク・トラウトの出塁率と長打率は、彼のキャリアの中で最高の成績だ。 今のケガの後、彼がその成績の近くまで打てたら、レイカーズは御の字だろう。)
白ハット: ...Lakers?
男: I forget which team he is. Broncos?

I know a handful of very specific things, but after that my sports knowledge falls apart quickly.

Alt-text: I heard they might make the wild card game, which would be cool. Do you know when that is? I have a wedding next weekend, but if it's after that we could try to go!





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