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xkcd: Memorable Quotes - 印象深い引用句

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Memorable Quotes(印象深い引用句)

Looking for a quote for something? Here are some for general use.
They can be attributed to xkcd or Randall Munroe as needed.
 (これらは、必要に応じてxkcdまたはRandall Munroeに帰属します。)

"I disagree strongly with whatever work this quote is attached to."
"This quote was taken out of context."
"This quote is often falsely attributed to Mark Twain."
"I'm being quoted to introduce something, but I have no idea what it is and certainly don't endorse it."
"This quote is very memorable."
"I wrote this book, and the person quoting me here is taking credit for it."
"This entire thing is the quote, not just the part in quote marks." [quote marks, brackets, and editor's note are all in the original. -ED.]
 (「この全体が、引用符で囲まれた部分だけではなく、引用である」 [引用符、角括弧、および編集者の注釈はすべてオリジナルのものだ。 -ED.])
"Websites that collect quotes are full of mistakes and never check original sources."
"This quote will be the only part of this presentation you remember."
"Oooh, look at me, I looked up a quote!"
"If you're doing a text search in this document for the word 'butts,' the good news is that it's here, but the bad news is that it only appears in this unrelated quote."
"Wait, what if these quote marks are inside out, so everything in the rest of the document is the quotation and this part isn't? Duuuuude."
 (「待て、これらの引用符が内側にある場合、ドキュメントの残りの部分は引用であり、 この部分はDuuuuudeではない。」)
"The editors of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations are a bunch of cowards who don't have the guts to print this."
"This quote only looks profound when it's in a script font over a sunset."
"I don't do a lot of public speaking, so I looked up a memorable quote to start my speech, and this is what I found. OK, you're staring at me blankly, but this whole thing is a quote. I know that sounds confusing, but... You know what, never mind!"
"Sent from my iPhone."
 (「iPhoneから送信」 )

Title text: "Since there's no ending quote mark, everything after this is part of my quote. --Randall Munroe
 ( "終わりの引用符がないため、これ以降のものはすべて私の引用の一部だ --ランダル・マンロー)






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