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xkcd: Stargazing 2 - 星の観察2

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Stargazing 2(星の観察2)

女: Welcome back to stargazing.

When the stars disappeared this morning, I figured I had to find a new job, but they're back! This rules!

女: Those three stars form a constellation called the triangle.
Those three are another triangle.
Lotta triangles. Very important shape.

女: Those dots are planets, or "fool's stars." Without interstellar travel, they're the only ones we can realistically hope to dump trash on.
Speaking of space trash, that dot is a satellite. There are apps that will tell you whose fault it is.

欄外の声: What's that blinking one?
女: Airplane. They're full of snacks and money and stuff, but don't bother trying to catch them- they're way too high up.
Learned that the hard way in grad school.
Got a thesis out of it, at least.

Alt-text: I mean, it wasn't exactly MY thesis. When the FAA came to shut down our observatory for using the telescope mirror to shine light at airplanes, I took a thesis and a bunch of doctorates from the supply cabinet on my way out.


 xkcd: Stargazing - 星の観察の続き回。一本ねじが飛んだ感じの解説員が、星の観察会で解説を務める。



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