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Chemist Eggs - 科学者の卵


Chemist Eggs(科学者の卵)

男: How will I know if the reaction fails?
ポニーテール: You'll smell the sulfides.
男: What do those smell like?
ポニーテール: Sulfurous. Rotten eggs.

男: Chemists always compare sulfur to rotten eggs.
男: But why would I know that smell?
ポニーテール: I dunno, It's a common thing!

男: Is it? My kitchen is messy, but there aren't eggs lying around rotting.
ポニーテール: You must have smelled one at some point.

男: Are all chemists' houses full of random raw eggs? Do you toss them over your shoulder for good luck?
ポニーテール: My house is not full of eggs!
男: What do you consider a normal amount of eggs in a house?
男: If kids egg your house this Halloween, how will you know?

Alt-text: Chemists actually find it simpler to define a general odor of rotten eggs as a baseline, and the LACK of rotten eggs as a distinct smell.


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Dialect Quiz - 方言クイズ


Dialect Quiz(方言クイズ)

Dialect Quiz

Compare answers with your friends!

How do you address a group of two or more people?

A) You
B) Y'all
C) I have not been around two or more people for so long that I can't remember

How do you pronounce "Penelope"?
A) Rhymes with "Antelope"
B) Rhymes with "Develop"

What do you call the scientific field that studies the stars?
A) Astrology
B) Agronomy
C) Cosmetology

How do you pronounce "genre"?
A) Gone-ra
B) Juh-neer
C) Jen-er-uh

You pronounce "Google" with a high-pitched yelp on the...
A) First syllable
B) Second syllable

What do you call the thing on the wall at school that you drink water from?
A) Gutter pipe
B) Drainpipe

How do you pronounce the name for a short silent video file?
A) Animated give
B) Animated gift

What do you call the baseball-sized garden bugs that, when poked, glow brightly and emit a warbling scream?
A) What?
B) Lawn buddies

What do you call the misleading lines painted by disgruntled highway workers to trick cars into driving off the road?
A) Prank lines
B) Devil's Marks
C) Fool-me lines
D) Fauxguides
E) Delaware lines

What do you call the blue-green planet in the outer Solar System?
A) Uranus
B) Neptune

What do you call this tool?
A) Banger
B) Nail axe
C) Wood mage wand
D) I'm familiar with this tool but have no specific word for it
E) I have never seen it before

What do you call a long sandwich with meats and lettuce and stuff?
A) A long sandwich with meats and lettuce and stuff
B) A longwich
C) A salad hot dog

What do you call the scaly many-legged animal often found in attics?
A) Lightbulb eater
B) I have no special name for them
C) I've never looked in my attic

What do you say when someone around you sneezes?
A) "What was that?"
B) "Oh, wow."
C) [Quietly] "Yikes."

Alt-text: Do you make a distinction between shallots, scallops, and scallions? If you use all three words, do they all have different meanings, all the same, or are two the same and one different?


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