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Minnesota - ミネソタ



男1: Does anyone have any other concerns?
男2: I'm concerned that Minnesota is getting shorter.

男2: Because of post-glacial crust rebound, the northern border is moving toward the southern border. It's less than an inch a decade, but I still don't like it.
男2: Minnesota shouldn't be squishy.

男1: Okay. Does anyone have any concerns related to the topic of this meeting?
男2: All meetings should be about Minnesota until we resolve this.

Alt-text: In addition to 'squishy', after reviewing my submitted intraplate ground motion data, the National Geodetic Survey has politely asked me to stop using the word 'supple' so often when describing Midwestern states.




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【Twitterまとめ 1/22~1/28】「猫教の宗教画かな?」他 313ネタ


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Fast Radio Bursts - 高速電波バースト


Fast Radio Bursts(高速電波バースト)

Potential sources of fast radio bursts:

(1) Energetic stellar-sized astrophysical objects floating in space
 ((1) 宇宙空間を漂う恒星サイズのエネルギー天体)
男: We're pretty sure this is what most of them are.

(2) Microwave ovens in the observatory break room
 ((2) 天文台休憩室の電子レンジ)
男: This was definitely some of them, oops. (Petroff et. al., 2015)
 (これは間違いなくその一部だったね、おっと。(ペトロフ、その他, 2015年))

(3) Energetic steller-sized microwave ovens floating in space
男: We think this one is unlikely.

(4) Energetic stellar-sized astrophysical objects in the observatory break room
男: This is almost certainly not it, though we're sending a grad student to double-check.

Alt-text: Dr. Petroff has also shown that the Higgs boson signal was actually sparks from someone microwaving grapes, the EHT black hole photo was a frozen bagel someone left in too long, and the LIGO detection was just someone slamming the microwave door too hard.


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Spelling - 綴り



女: When I can't spell a word I usually just Google and copy and paste it from the results.
男: Yeah, but I can't do that here!!

Why spelling "plagiarism" is especially hard

Alt-text: Any time I misspell a word it's just because I have too much integrity to copy answers from the dictionary.


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Log Alignment - 対数の配置


Log Alignment(対数の配置)

There's actually no rule in math that says your log scales have to be aligned with your graph axes.

Alt-text: A video can have a log scale that's misaligned with both the time AND space axes.


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