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Adjectives - 裏・英語コーパス、形容詞編


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[Frequency with various adjectives are intensified with obscenities(based on google hits)]

赤: Fucking ____
青: ____ as shit

Scale: ln(Hits for intensified phrase / hits for adjective alone)
 (スケール: ln(強められたフレーズのヒット数 / 形容詞単独のヒット数))

Yes, the cabernet is piquant as shit this year.

Whoa - these commodities are fucking fungible!

Alt-text: 'Fucking ineffable' sounds like someone remembering how to do self-censorship halfway through a phrase.


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debian-main - アプリケーションバグの実体化


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[My package made it into debian-main because it looked innocuous enough; no one noticed "locusts" in the dependency list.]
 (僕のパッケージは、Debian-mainまで達した。だってそれは、十分無害に見えたから。 ・・・依存リストの中の「イナゴ」に気が付いた人はだれもいなかった。)

Alt-text: dpkg: error processing package (--purge): subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit 163: OH_GOD_THEYRE_INSIDE_MY_CLOTHES
 (dpkg:エラープロセスのパッケージ(--purge): subprocess 事前除去スクリプトは、163行目でエラー終了を返しました: KUSO_FUKU_NO_NAKA_NI_HAITTE_KITA)


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Bad Ex - 恋愛前歴トラック通知サービス


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Bad Ex(悪い前歴)

男: It just blows my mind. She seemed so genuine. I had no idea she was such a serial liar.

I just wish i had our six months back.

Her exes say the same thing happened to them.

Maybe what we need is a terrible-ex tracking and notification service.

白ハット: But after all the problems with sex offender registries, who would agree to run it?

男: Maybe one of the state governments more willing to experiment could try it out...


男: Excuse me, ma'am.

女: Yes?

男: This man is known to the state of California to be a total douchebag.

Alt-text: Since the goatee, glasses, and Seltzer & Friedberg DVD collection didn't tip you off, there will be a $20 negligence charge for this service.


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Conditional Risk - 無条件な安全


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Conditional Risk(条件付の危険)


子供: Whoa! We should get inside!

老人: It's okay! lightning only kills about 45 Americans a year, so the chances of dying are only one in 7,000,000. Let's go on!

[The annual death rate among people who know that statistic is one on six.]

Alt-text: 'Dude, wait -- I'm not American! So my risk is basically zero!'


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Inside Joke - 歴史上の内輪ネタはいくらでも捏造可能


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Inside Joke(内輪ジョーク)

男1: Nine silvers for a ham? That's too much!

男2: Too much? There's a monk out back with a ladder!

[There's no reason to think that people throughout history didn't have just as many inside jokes and catchphrases as any modern group of high-schoolers.]

Alt-text: I've looked through a few annotated versions of classic books, and it's shocking how much of what's in there is basically pop-culture references totally lost on us now.


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Physicists - 物理学の複雑系な苦悩


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男: You're trying predict the behavior of [complicated system]? Just model it as a [simple object], and then add some secondary terms to account for [complications i just thought of].

Easy, right?

So, why does [your field] need a whole journal, anyway?

[Liberal-arts majors may be annoying sometimes, but there's nothing more obnoxious than a physicist first encountering a new subject.]

Alt-text: If you need some help with the math, let me know, but that should be enough to get you started! Huh? No, I don't need to read your thesis, I can imagine roughly what it says.

2012.5.17 追記



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Password Reuse - 採取したパスワードを有効に使うのは難しい


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Password reuse(パスワードの再利用)

黒ハット: Password entropy is rarely relevant. The real modern danger is password reuse.

男: How so?

黒ハット: Set up a web service to do something simple, like image hosting or tweet syndication, so a few million people set up free accounts.

Bam, you've got a few million emails, default usernames, and passwords.

Tons of people use one password, strong or not, for most accounts.

[Use the list and some proxies to try automated logins to the 20 or 30 most popular sites, plus banks and PayPal and such.]

黒ハット: You've now got a few hundred thousand real identities on a few dozen services, and nobody suspects a thing.

男: And then what?

黒ハット: Well, that's where i got stuck.

男: You did this?

黒ハット: Why did you think i hosted so many unprofitable web services?

I could provably net a lot of money, one way or another, if i did things carefully. but research shows more money doesn't make people happier, once they make enough to avoid day-to-day financial stress.

I could mess with people endlessly, but i do that already. I could get a political or religious idea out to most of the world, but since March of 1997 i don't really believe in anything.

So, here i sit, a puppetmaster who wants nothing from his puppets.

男: Oh?

黒ハット: It's the same problem Google has.


グーグル従業員(男): Okay, everyone, we control the world's information. Now it's time to turn evil. What's the plan?

グーグル従業員(女): Make boatloads of money?

グーグル従業員(男): We already do!

グーグル従業員(女):Set up a companywide Cod4: Modern warfare tournament each week?

グーグル従業員(男):That's not evil!

グーグル従業員(女):Ooh, dibs on the lobby TV!

グーグル従業員(男):Okay, we suck at this.

Alt-text: It'll be hilarious the first few times this happens.


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Leaving - いつだって別れ際のセリフは大切


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男: Hey, while you're out, can you pick up some spray cleaner that works on cat vomit?

外に出る人: Can do!

外に出る人: Bye!

男: ...Wait!

外に出る人: Yes?

男: Uh, ...You are in my heart always.

外に出る人: ...?

[Sometimes, when people leave, i'm seized by a sudden fear that they'll die while they're out, and i'll never forget the last thing I said to them.]

alt-text: What'll I say -- "I was staring at some cat vomit when I got the news?"


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Control - ネガティブなネガティブコントロール


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[My hobby](僕の趣味)

男: My rash seems to have shrunk by about 20% today.

研究員: ???

女: Oh god spiders.

[Sneaking into experiments and giving LSD to the control group.]

Alt-text: Which, at one point, led to a study showing that LSD produces no more hallucinations than a placebo.


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Showdown - 卑怯なガンマンの対決


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Click(カチャ) Click(カチャ)

Blam(バン) Blam(バン)

Alt-text: The tumbleweed then tried to roll off into the sunset, but due to the Old West's placement north of the subtropical ridge, the prevailing winds were in the wrong direction.


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