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Doctor's Office - 診療所


Doctor's Office(診療所)

ベレー帽: Welcome to the doctor!
ベレー帽: We're like librarians, but for your bones and blood.

ベレー帽: Uh-oh! This beeper says you're too hot.
ベレー帽: You should eat some of these little snacks that make you colder.

ベレー帽: We can make holes in you, but you have to fill out this form first.
男: This is a New York Times crossword.
ベレー帽: Don't worry, it's a Monday, so it's not too hard.

男: This is a doctor's office, right?
ベレー帽: Yeah! It used to be my house, but I found the setting on Google Maps to change it.
ベレー帽: Hey, wanna help find out what this box does? I bet it's loud!

Alt-text: "The police told me I can't be a doctor, but whenever they show up I just go into the Google Maps settings page I found and change the house to 'Police Headquarters' and then they have to do what I say."


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2023年) です。

Under the Stars - 星空の下


Under the Stars(星空の下)

女: I love sitting out under the stars.
男: ...It's daytime.
女: Yeah, but the stars are all still up there.
女: Constellations wheel overhead; they're just painted over with blue.
女: Every sky is full of stars.
男: That's somehow terrifying.
女: It's okay--just look at that sunny sky and tell yourself space isn't real.
女: "Daytime" is us closing our eyes and pretending it makes infinity go away.

Alt-text: If you live in Los Angeles (around 33°52'N, roughly the latitude of Hermosa Beach) the black hole in V404 Cygni passes over you each day. On Christmas Day it will be directly overhead around


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2023年) です。