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For the Sake of Simplicity - 単純化のため


For the Sake of Simplicity(単純化のため)

男: You may assign each gardener's token to a secondary garden plot within a 30-minute walk from their home plot.
男: For the sake of simplicity, each gardener is assumed to have a constant walking speed proportional to their height and cardio score.
男: For the sake of simplicity, cardio scores are inherited matrilineally...
If you're worried that you're making something too complicated, just add "for the sake of simplicity" now and then as a reminder that it could always be worse.

Alt-text: For the sake of simplicity, gardeners are assumed to move through Euclidean space--neglecting the distortion from general relativity--unless they are in the vicinity of a Schwarzschild Orchid.
 (単純化のため、庭師はユークリッド空間を移動すると仮定する --般相対性理論による歪みは無視する-- ただし,シュヴァルツシルト・オーキッドの近くにいる場合はこの限りではない。)


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