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Things You Should Not Do - すべきでないこと


Things You Should Not Do(すべきでないこと)

Updates to my "Things You Should Not Do" list, based on what I learned writing What If? 2
 (「What If 2?」を書いて学んだことに基づき、「すべきでないこと」リストを更新する。)

(out 9/13,

Things You Should Not Do
(part 3647 of ????)
#156,812 Eat Tide pods
#156,813 Walk on stilts in a thunderstorm
#156,814 Set off fireworks at a gas station
#156,815 Feed your cat treats that are the exact shape and texture of a human hand

------ NEW! ------(新規!)

#156,816 Lean over a geyser vent and try to look down into it
#156,817 Fly a hot air balloon over a firing range
#156,818 Peel away the Earth's crust
#156,819 Try to paint the Sahara Desert by hand
#156,820 Remove someone's bones without asking
#156,821 Spend 100% of your governments budget on mobile game in-app purchases
#156,822 Fill a lava lamp with actual lava
#156,823 Drink the blood of someone with a viral hemorraghic fever
#156,824 Eat meat from rabid animals
#156,825 Perform your own laser eye surgery
#156,826 Tell California poultry regulators that your farm is selling Pokemon eggs
#156,827 Funnel the entire flow of Niagara Falls into the open window of a physics lab
#156,828 Pump ammonia into your abdomen
#156,829 Suspend yourself inside a 10-meter ball of sunscreen and fall into the sun
Alt-text: Now I'm tempted to start telling people that I secretly don't actually know how to do any physics calculations, and so all the answers in What If are based on me actually trying to do the thing and then reporting what happened, but phrased as if it's hypothetical.
 (今僕は、実は物理の計算の仕方を知らないんだと人に言いたくなる。というわけで、「What If」の答えは全部、僕が実際にやってみて、何が起こったかを報告したものだが、まるでそれが仮説であるかのような言い回しになっている。)


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Artemis Quote - アルテミスの名言


Artemis Quote(アルテミスの名言)

宇宙飛行士: This is one of my favorite historical quotes -- the first words spoken by an Artemis astronaut on the Moon.
 (これは私のお気に入りの歴史的な引用の1つ - アルテミス宇宙飛行士が月面で最初に発した言葉です。)

Neil Armstrong's "man"/"a man" quote created a lot of historical confusion, and I think it's our duty to expand on that legacy with Artemis.
 (ニール・アームストロングの「man」/「a man」という言葉は、多くの歴史的混乱を引き起こした。アルテミスでその遺産を拡張することが私たちの義務だと思う.)

Alt-text: Another option: "It is an honor to be the first human to set foot on the moon."


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