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Actual Progress - 実際の進捗状況


Actual Progress(実際の進捗状況)

男: When I started this morning, there were a few edge cases I was confused about.

男: But now after a full day of research,

男: I'm confused about all the regular cases, too.

ポニーテール: Ah, actual progress!

Alt-text: Slowly progressing from 'how do protons behave in relativistic collisions?' to 'what the heck are protons even doing when they're just sitting there?'


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【Twitterまとめ 6/26~7/2】「かわいいおしり」他 285ネタ目


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Real Estate Analysis - 不動産分析


Real Estate Analysis(不動産分析)

Y軸: Walkability score
X軸: Proximity to shops and restaurants

After doing a real estate analysis, I get why this place is so popular.

Alt-text: Mars does get a good score on 'noise levels' and 'scenic views,' but the school district ranking isn't great; the only teacher--the Perseverance rover--is too busy with rock samples to teach more than the occasional weekend class.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2023年) です。