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Brassica - アブラナ属



男1: Did you know the mighty redwood is actually the same species as broccoli and kale? It's just a different cultivar.
男2,3: Wow!

Every year or two, botanists add another plant to Brassica oleracea and see if anyone calls them on it.

Alt-text: Sequoia Brussels sprouts are delicious but it's pretty hard to finish one.


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Gold - 金



男: It kinda makes sense that we use gold for wedding rings.

男: Because a lot of the universe's gold was probably produced by R-process nucleosynthesis when pairs of neutron stars spiraled together and merged.
男: So gold exists because two neutron stars got married.

女: "Binary neutron star merger" would be a fun wedding theme.
男: Everyone has to try not to catch the relativistically-ejected bouquet.

Alt-text: It can be expensive to hire a professional spectroscopist for your wedding, but the quality of the spectra you get is worth it.


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Autumn and Fall - 秋と秋


Autumn and Fall(秋と秋)

Meteorological End of Summer

Fall Equinox

Now that summer is over, the first day of fall is just a few weeks away!

Alt-text: Of course in reality this is just a US/UK thing; in British English, 'fall' is the brief period in between and 'autumn' is the main season.


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Abstract Pickup - 抽象ピックアップ


Abstract Pickup(抽象ピックアップ)

白ハット: Hey there, chaotic melange of cubes-
白ハット: you're actually pretty cute for a dizzying swarm!

Bad news - the pickup artists and abstract artists have merged.

Alt-text: Escape Artist Frees Self From Conversation With Pickup Artist


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【Twitterまとめ 8/28~9/3】「これはどういうことなの?」他 294ネタ目


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