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xkcd Phone Flip - xkcdフォンフリップ


xkcd Phone Flip(xkcdフォンフリップ)

Exfoliating screen(角質除去スクリーン)
Orthotic shape for arch support(アーチサポート矯正形状)
Single big pixel(シングルビッグピクセル)
Ready to eat(食べられる)
Up to 50% more(最大50%アップ)
Full-spectrum backlight optimized for plant growth(植物の成長に最適化されたフルスペクトルバックライト)
Long-lasting main sequence battery(長持ちするメインシーケンスバッテリー)
Break glass to access apps(ガラスを割ってアプリにアクセス)

Buy one get one(1個買うと1個もらえる)
Bending phone activates chemical flashlight(スマホを曲げるとケミカル懐中電灯が作動)
SPF 15 coating protects your face from websites(SPF15コーティングがウェブサイトから顔を守る)
Iatrogenic construction(異所性構造)
All-vinyl data storage for maximum fidelity(最大限の忠実度のためのオールビニルデータストレージ)
Locks in moisture(湿気を閉じ込める)
National Weather Service partnership: phone is afraid of thunder(国立気象局と提携:携帯電話は雷を恐れている)
One-click ruina montium(ワンクリックルイナモンティウム)
Free refills(無料リフィル)

The xkcd Phone Flip
We actually didn't mean for it to do this™

Alt-text: Theranos partnership: Sorry, we know, but we signed the contract back before all the stuff and the lawyers say we can't back out, so just try to keep your finger away from the bottom of the phone.


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Haunted House - お化け屋敷


Haunted House(お化け屋敷)

ポニーテール: Welcome! If you need to charge your phones, note that this house has Pennsylvania wiring, but we have New Jersey and Delaware adapters available.
男、女: AAAAAA!
The haunted house at the ISO/ANSI office halloween party

Alt-text: You can leave at any time through the door over there. It's a Louisville door, so you'll need to find a compatible knob. No, don't be silly, that one is a Lexington knob! Of course it won't fit.


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【Twitterまとめ 9/4~9/17】「脚ピーン」他 295ネタ目


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Iceberg Efficiency - 氷山の効率


Iceberg Efficiency(氷山の効率)

黒ハット: A standard iceberg is only 10% efficient.
黒ハット: 90% of the ice is hidden underwater, totally wasted.

黒ハット: Our next-generation foam-filled iceberg achieves near-100% efficiency, floating almost entirely above the ocean surface.

黒ハット: "But wait," you might be thinking. "How will such a lightweight iceberg pose a threat to hubristic ocean liners?"
黒ハット: That's where the torpedoes come in.

欄外の声1: I'm sorry, what project are you part of, again?
欄外の声2: I assumed he was with you.
欄外の声3: Security?

Alt-text: Our experimental aerogel iceberg with helium pockets manages true 100% efficiency, barely touching the water, and it can even lift off of the surface and fly to more efficiently pursue fleeing hubristic liners.


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Exoplanet Observation - 太陽系外惑星の観測


Exoplanet Observation(太陽系外惑星の観測)

男: When the planet passed in front of its host star, some of the light was absorbed by ghosts, indicating that the planet is likely haunted.

Exoplanet Spectral Analysis

Alt-text: Exoplanet Spectral Analysis


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2023年) です。