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Picking Bad Stocks - 不良銘柄の選別


Picking Bad Stocks(不良銘柄の選別)

男: I feel like by now I should know about the stock market.
男: What is investing? Do you just open a website and pick the companies you like?

ポニーテール: Well, you totally can.
ポニーテール: But there's a lot of evidence that no investing strategy consistently picks stocks that outperform the average of the whole market. A lot of fund management is a myth.

男: Huh, okay.
ポニーテール: But there's a weird corollary to that idea: it implies that, ignoring fees and stuff, it's just as hard to consistently lose money by picking bad stocks from an index.

ポニーテール: If someone could consistently buy bad stocks, you could beat the average by hiring them, letting them pretend to invest, then buying every stock except the ones they pick.
ポニーテール: In a way, bad judgement is just as helpful as good judgement.

男: Oh my God.
男: I can do that!
ポニーテール: No, it's just an example--
男: This is the job I was born for.

男: Hey, this company's CEO wants revenge on the same ghost as me! I'm buying!
男: Ooh, and this one is planning to develop a "Camping Roomba." That's a sure bet!
女: Drop companies #208 and #1434 from the index.
白ハット: Done.

Alt-text: On the news a few days later: "Buzz is building around the so-called 'camping Roomba' after a big investment. Preorders have spiked, and..."


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Phylogenetic Tree - 系統樹


Phylogenetic Tree

I was kicked off the biology project after I secretly replaced all the phylogenetic trees in our new paper with March Madness brackets.

Alt-text: And I was kicked out of my March Madness pool because I wouldn't shut up about the evidence for NBA/ABA endosymbiosis.


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