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Hand Dryers - ハンドドライヤー


Hand Dryers(ハンドドライヤー)

It seems like hand dryers take forever to heat up, but that's because the evaporation cools your skin, so the hot air feels cold until the water is gone.


I spent decades mistakenly annoyed at hand dryer engineers, so now I'm on a mission to save others from the same fate.

Alt-text: I know hand dryers have their problems, but I think for fun we should keep egging Dyson on and see if we can get them to make one where the airflow breaks the speed of sound.




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【Twitterまとめ 2/20~2/26】「プロっぽい手つき」他 268ネタ目


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Island Storage - 島の保管


Island Storage(島の保管)

Reminder: If you're the last one using the Earth, please put the islands away when you're done.
Alt-text: I always hate dragging around the larger archipelagos, but I appreciate how the Scandanavian peninsula flexes outward to create a snug pocket for the British Isles.


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Wish Interpretation - 願いの解釈


Wish Interpretation(願いの解釈)

ジニー: I will grant you one wish.
ジニー: But beware, for I will twist the meaning of your words to teach you a lesson!

黒ハット: Gotcha! Hmm.。
黒ハット: I'm tired of carrying an umbrella. I wish it never rained again.

ジニー: ...Okay.
ジニー: I'm supposed to twist your words to teach you a lesson, but that actually sounds very straightforwardly bad.
ジニー: Can you maybe try again?
黒ハット: Fine. Just give me what I deserve.
ジニー: Oh my god. Have you read any stories about wishes?

黒ハット: Come on! I want to get what's coming to me.
ジニー: Listen, I'm just gonna give you $20 and call this even.

Alt-text: "I wish for everything in the world. All the people, money, trees, etc." "Are you SURE you--" "And I want you to put it in my house."


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Square Packing - 正方形の梱包


Square Packing(正方形の梱包)

Previous best
(Gensane, 2004)

New record

I've significantly improved on the solution to the n=11 square packing problem by using a hydraulic press.

Alt-text: I also managed to improve the solution for n=1 to s<0.97, and with some upgrades I think I can hit 0.96.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2023年) です。