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Dark Arts - ダークアーツ


Dark Arts(ダークアーツ)

男: Long ago, in another age, I mastered these dark arts.
男: But I now endeavor to live my life such that I never need them.
男: Their power leads only to ruin.

My response whenever anyone asks me to mess around with filesystems

Alt-text: You think, 'okay, THIS is an ideal use case for hardlinks!' but then 6 months later you're doing some extremely cursed Google search like 'javascript ext4' and wondering where things went wrong.
 (君は「よし、これはハードリンクの理想的な使用例だ!」と思っても、半年後には「javascript ext4」のような非常に呪われたGoogle検索をして、どこで間違ったのかと考えていることだろう。)


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Clinical Trials - 臨床試験


Clinical Trials(臨床試験)

1. Come up with new idea
 (1. 新しいアイデアを考える)
2. Convince people it's good
 (2. 人々に良いものだと納得させる)
 ← 3. Check whether it works
 (3. 使えるかどうか確認する)
3 4. New idea is adopted
 (4. 新しいアイデアを採用する)

The invention of clinical trials.

Alt-text: We don't need to do a clinical trial of this change because the standard of care is to adopt new ideas without doing clinical trials.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2021年) です。

Unsolved Math Problems - 数学上の未解決問題


Unsolved Math Problems(数学上の未解決問題)

The Three Types Of Unsolved Math Problem(数学上の未解決問題、3つのタイプ)

[Weirdly Abstract]
Is the Euler Field Manifold Hypergroup Isomorphic to a Gödel-Klein Meta-Algebreic ε<0 Quasimonoid Conjection under Sondheim Calculus?
 (オイラーフィールド多様性ハイパーグループはソンドハイム微積分の下でゲーテルクライン・メタ代数 ε<0 準モノイド推測と同型に同型であるか?)
Or is the question ill-formed?

[Weirdly Concrete]
If I walk randomly on a grid, never visiting any square twice, placing a marble every N steps, on average how many marbles will be in the longest line after N*K steps?
Somehow the answer is important in like three unrelated fields.

What in God's name is going on with this curve?
Is it even math?

Alt-text: After decades of studying the curve and the procedure that generates it, the consensus explanation is "it's just like that."


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2021年) です。