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Cohort and Age Effects - イラっとくるコホート効果と年齢効果の混同


Cohort and Age Effects(コホート効果と年齢効果)

キャスター: Tonight: Are Millenials killing the joint replacement industry?

Operation rate per 100,000

Baby Boomers(ベビーブーマー世代)

Stats Pet Peeve: People mixing up cohort effects and age effects.

Alt-text: ounger people get very few joint replacements, yet they're also getting more than older people did at the same age. This means you can choose between 'Why are millennials getting so (many/few) joint replacements?' depending on which trend fits your current argument better.


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Alpha Centauri - ケンタウルス座アルファ星の口コミ評価


Alpha Centauri(ケンタウルス座アルファ星)

ポニーテール: Our probe can reach Alpha Centauri in under 35 years.
欄外の声: We should go somewhere else. Alpha Centauri sucks.
ポニーテール: Huh? It's the closest, most convenient system!
欄外の声: Yeah, but I checked online and it only has three stars.

Alt-text: And let's be honest, it's more like two and a half stars. Proxima is barely a star and barely bound to the system.


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Popper - カール・ポパーの存在証明



先生: There's no evidence that Karl Popper wasn't born on July 28th, 1902.
先生: No one has proven that he didn't grow up in Vienna...

Alt-text: At least, I don't think there's evidence. My claim that there's no evidence hasn't been falsified. At least, not that I know of.


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Heist - 鍵を借りるやつはたぶん強盗



見知らぬ男: Do you have the key to the server room? I'm from the building and I'm here to check the fire alarm.
主人公(頭の中): Oh no oh no
Thanks to movies, whenever anyone asks me to open any door, I immediately assume I'm a minor character in a heist.
Alt-text: But he has a hat AND a toolbox! Where could someone planning a heist get THOSE?


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Horror Movies 2 - ホラー映画が嫌いなワケ


Horror Movies 2(ホラー映画2)

白ハット: So you don't like any horror movies?
男: Spooky stuff is neat but I hate jump scares and watching people get murdered.
男: Why would you want to see that?

白ハット: It's like roller coasters. People like experiencing powerful feelings in a safe, controlled setting.
男: But why not good feelings?

白ハット: We've always been into tragic stories. Romeo and Juliet, Titanic...
男: See, that's another thing I don't get!

男: I loved Titanic because Rose and Jack found each other and seemed so happy! I just hated the ending.
白ハット: I'll be sure to give James Cameron and Shakespeare your feedback.

Alt-text: I had just assumed Jonah died-- because the book had a medal on the cover, and I knew grown-ups liked stories where sad stuff happens at the end for no reason.


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Update Your Address - 住所録は更新されない


Update Your Address(住所の更新)

電話からの声: Do you still live at 342 River St?
男: No, I moved last year.

モヒカン: Is 21 Ash Tree Lane still a good address?
男: What? That's my childhood home. How is that even in your system?

電話の声: The address we have is 205 Second St #2.
Cueball: I... think that's where my parents lived before I was born!?

Ponytail: Are you still living in... "The Austro-Hungarian Empire?"
Cueball: You know what, sure.
Ponytail: Austria-Hungary dissolved in 1918.
Cueball: Well, I come from a long line of people who hate updating stuff.

Alt-text: This is my four-digit PIN. It was passed down to me by my father, and someday I will pass it on to you. Unless we figure out how to update it, but that sounds complicated.
 (これは4桁の暗証番号。父から私に伝えられ、いつの日か、私はこれを君に伝える。 それを更新する方法を僕らが見つけない限り。でも、それは複雑に思える。)


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Airplanes and Spaceships - 宇宙船はもう古い乗り物


Airplanes and Spaceships(飛行機と宇宙船)

December 17, 1903
First human airplane flight

April 12, 1961
First human spaceflight


57 years 4 months(57年4ヶ月)

57 years 7 months(57年7ヶ月)

Spaceships are now older than airplanes were when we flew our first spaceships.

Alt-text: Despite having now taken three months longer than the airplane people, we're making disappointingly little progress toward the obvious next stage of vehicle: The Unobtanium-hulled tunneling ship from the 2003 film 'The Core.'


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Kilogram - 強引すぎるキログラム定義



黒ハット: To end many years of confusion, the International Committee for Weights and Measures has just voted to redefine the kilogram.
黒ハット: As of next May, it will equal exactly one pound.
ポニーテール: Oh, cool.
男: That does make things simpler.
女: No!!

Alt-text: I'm glad to hear they're finally redefining the meter to be exactly three feet.


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Evaluating Tech Things - 変な技術モノの評価


Evaluating Tech Things(技術モノの評価)

女: Sooner or later, someone is going to fly a drone into a tornado and post the footage to YouTube.

This raises big questions about technology and society

Haha, cool!

男: Haha, cool!

Alt-text: Also known as the Black Mirror-Mythbusters scale.


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Indirect Detection - SNSの間接的悪口発覚


Indirect Detection(間接的発覚)

Everyone on here needs to stop laughing about how "adopting pets from a shelter is for losers" and "those animals should all be hunted for sport instead." It's reprehensible on so many levels! First of all...

Sometimes, one of my friends posts an angry response to some terrible opinion I've never heard before, and it's a weird indirect way to learn how awful their other friends must be.

Title text: I'm like a prisoner in Plato's Cave, seeing only the shade you throw on the wall.


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