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Eventual Consistency - 結果整合性


Eventual Consistency(結果整合性)

ノートPC: I know it's hard to focus right now, but we should try to finish testing the DB.
男: Ughhhh.
男: Okay.
ノートPC: The system needs to guarantee eventual consistency.
男: I mean, it does.
男: Eventual consistency is guaranteed by the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
男: Sooner or later this will all be a uniform heat bath.
男: Maximum entropy.
ノートPC: Maximum entropy means no useful work can be done!
 (エントロピーが最大になると 有用な仕事ができなくなる!)
男: I'm getting a head start by doing no useful work now.

Alt-text: Later I'm going to get a head start on the heat bath.


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Carcinization - カニ化



女: Have you heard of "carcinization"?
女: The tendency of nature to evolve things into crabs.
男: Oh?

女: Yeah, the basic "crab" design has evolved separately a number of times.
男: Evolution just loves making crabs, I guess!

女: Apparently!

女: Oh no

Alt-text: Nature abhors a vacuum and also anything that's not a crab.


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Wrong Times Table - 間違った九九


Wrong Times Table

Wrong times table

The incorrect answers that feel most right to me

Alt-text: Deep in some corner of my heart, I suspect that real times tables are wrong about 6x7=42 and 8x7=56.


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mbmbam - ミリバール・ミリバーン・アトメートル



女: Odd how in physics "mb" is both millibars (pressure) and millibarns (area).
女: mbmb could mean millibar-millibarn, which is a unit of force, strangely.
白ハット: Units are weird.
男: So what's mbmbam, the My-Brother-My-Brother-And-Me unit?
女: Millibar-millibarn-attometer, I guess? That'd be a unit of energy. 10-47 Joules.
白ハット: "One podcast"

男: 10-47 sounds small.
女: Yeah, it's roughly the energy you'd need to lift one yeast cell by one Planck length in Earth's gravity.
白ハット: Planck yeast!

男: Doesn't Planck yeast rise on its own?
女: Yeah, that's what makes quantum foam. But data suggests our universe is flat.
女: String theory says it's because spacetime has unleavened dimensions.
白ハット: ... I hate you.

Alt-text: Hello and welcome to Millibar Millibarn Attometer, an advice show for the Planck era.


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Confidence Interval - 信頼区間


Confidence Interval(信頼区間)

Fig. 2: Predicted Curve

Science tip: If your model is bad enough, the confidence intervals will fall outside the printable area.

Alt-text: The worst part is that's the millisigma interval.


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