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Cosmologist Genres - 宇宙学者のジャンル


Cosmologist Genres(宇宙学者のジャンル)

Music genres according to...

...Non-cosmologists | ...Cosmologists
 (非宇宙学者      宇宙学者)

Pop(ポップス)   | Lite(ライト)
Rock(ロック)    | Metal(メタル)
Hip hop (ヒップホップ)| Metal(メタル)
Metal(メタル)   | Metal(メタル)
Country(カントリー)| Metal(メタル)
Dance /Electronic  | Metal(メタル)
Latin(ラテン)   | Metal(メタル)
Punk (パンク)   | Metal(メタル)
Classical(クラシック)| Metal(メタル)
Jazz (ジャズ)   | Metal(メタル)
Folk (フォーク)  | Metal(メタル)

Alt-text: Inflationary cosmologists call all music from after the first 10^-30 seconds "post-"


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Pods vs Bubbles - ポッド対バブル


Pods vs Bubbles(ポッド対バブル)

男: I refuse to bubble with anyone who calls it a "pod" and not a "bubble".

This is probably my opinion that would have sounded the most incoherent to me a year ago.

Alt-text: Canada's travel restrictions on the US are 99% about keeping out COVID and 1% about keeping out people who say 'pod.'


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Faraday Tour - ファラデーツアー


Faraday Tour(ファラデーツアー)

Hairy: Hey there superfans, welcome to the livecast!

Hairy: Got a real treat for you today: a tour of the world's largest Faraday cage! C'mon, let's check it-

Hairy: -was so cool! Wow!! Thanks for coming along, and don't forget to smash that like button!
 ( ...かっこよかった!わぉ!いいねボタンも忘れずに押してね。)

Alt-text: I asked them if it was safe to be running tours during the pandemic. They said, "During the what?"


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Asterisk Corrections - アスタリスク修正


Asterisk Corrections(アスタリスク修正)

相手: Do you have any weekend plans?

自分: I'm gonna ride a horse on the beach at dawn

I like how we can do corrections in text chat by appending words with asterisks and our brains just figure out where they go.

Alt-text: I like trying to make it as hard as possible. "I'd love to meet up, maybe in a few days? Next week is looking pretty empty. *witchcraft"


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Campfire Habitable Zone - キャンプファイヤー居住可能区域


Campfire Habitable Zone(キャンプファイヤー居住可能区域)

Habitable zone(居住可能区域)

Astronomers define the Campfire Habitable Zone as the region where you're far enough not to be burned but close enough to roast marshmallows.

Alt-text: Oh no, my marshmallow became tidally locked!


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