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Great Attractor - グレート・アトラクター


Great Attractor(グレート・アトラクター)

男: I can't believe it's still light out. It's 8:00 PM!
ベレー帽: Seriously! This morning I fell off the wall.

男: Wait, why were you sleeping on the wall?
ベレー帽: The Great Attractor is near the horizon at night right now.
男: The Great Attractor?
ベレー帽: Yeah! The space one.
ベレー帽: It pulls on me extra hard. Doctors said it's something to do with galactic motion and how many dimensions my bones have.

ベレー帽: This time of year, it's below us all day, so I stand vertically. But day-sliding season is near!
ベレー帽: Let me know if you have any errands to run to the south!

ベレー帽: Goodniiighttt

Alt-text: Living in the southern hemisphere was nice because I could jump extra high, but I like it here too. Besides, if I ever want to move back, I can just curl up in a ball and wait!


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X - エックス



男: I've developed a new programming language!
欄外の声1: Didn't a judge order you to stop doing that?
男: Higher court threw out the ruling!
男: I'm back, suckers!
欄外の声1: Dammit.

男: But I promise it's good this time!
男: Just normal code. Good clean syntax. Nothing weird.
欄外の声1: Okay...

男: Except the only variable name is "X". To refer to different variables you have to write "X" in different fonts.
欄外の声1: I'm calling the court.
欄外の声2: Maybe we can appeal.

Alt-text: The worst is when you run out of monospaced fonts and have to use variable-width variables.


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Mount St. Helens - セントヘレンズ山


Mount St. Helens(セントヘレンズ山)

Heights of mountains in Washington State over time

Alt-text: It's a good mountain but it really peaked in the 80s.


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Alive Or Not - 生きているか否か


Alive Or Not(生きているか否か)

Animals (Normal)
Animals (Weird ones like Jellyfish and Coral)
Slime Molds
↓Not Alive
Rocks shaped like faces
Regular rocks

Alt-text: Computer viruses currently fall somewhere between prions and fire.


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Common Cold - 風邪


Common Cold(風邪)

風邪ウイルス: Hi there! We're the viruses that cause the common cold.
This handwashing ...
It stops when this is all over, right?

It's just, it's making things really hard for us, too.
Maybe we could make a deal?

新型コロナウイルス: We won't kill you!
We just want to get back in your throat and make you feel gross now and then.

風邪ウイルス: Show us some mercy?

人間: No.

Alt-text: Not even metapneumovirus, easily the common cold virus with the coolest name, warrants our sympathy. Colds suck. No mercy.


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