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Deer Turrets - シカ砲台


Deer Turrets(シカ砲台)

黒ハット: Was it a mistake to build turrets that can track nearby wireless devices and fire powerful lasers in their general direction?
黒ハット: Sure. I realize that now.

黒ハット: Was it a mistake to mount those turrets on neighborhood deer, release them, then lose interest in the project and move on?
黒ハット: Yes. Hindsight is 20/20.

黒ハット: But science is about learning from mistakes
黒ハット: And not being afraid to make new ones.

黒ハット: Like inviting you here, but not warning you to put your phones in airplane mode.
黒ハット: Another mistake, but that's okay.

観客: Is it really?!
黒ハット: I think it's fine.
鹿: Pew! Pew!

Alt-text: When my great grandfather designed the Titanic and it hit an iceberg and sank, he didn't sit around moping. He took those lessons to his next job designing airships, and he made the Hindenburg completely iceberg-proof!


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Rabbit Introduction - うさぎの導入


Rabbit Introduction(うさぎの導入)

男(プレゼンター): The US's smallest rabbit species is the pygmy rabbit from the Great Basin area.
男: We're seeking a grant to introduce them into the east.

女(金髪): Are they native here?
男(プレゼンター): No.
女(金髪): Will they control some invasive pest?
男(プレゼンター): Dunno!
女(金髪): Then...Why would you do this?

男(プレゼンター): I don't understand.
男(プレゼンター): Did you see how small they are?
男(プレゼンター): They're so round!
男(プレゼンター): Those tiny ears!

女(左端): I see. I'm afraid we'll be denying your grant.
白ハット: Hang on. He is right about their ears...
女(黒髪): The little feet!
男(黒髪): I vote we fund them!

Alt-text: Washington state is seeing great success with reintroducing the Columbia River Basin subpopulation. We cannot allow them to further widen the interstate bun gap.


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Boat Puzzle - ボートパズル


Boat Puzzle(ボートパズル)

ポニーテール: I need to cross the river. I have a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage.

男: Hmm.
男: OK, here's what-

白ハット: Hi, I also need to cross. I have two wolves and 100 cabbages.

黒ハット: I have 50 cabbage moths and 2,000 boat-destroying termites.

ベレー帽: I have a wolf that can operate a boat, and a goat that eats wolves.

男: Hang on, I need to make a spreadsheet.

トロッコ運転手: Look out!

トロッコ運転手: My wolf-filled trolley is out of control and can only be stopped by a cushion of cabbages!

Alt-text: 'No, my cabbage moths have already started laying eggs in them! Send the trolley into the river!' 'No, the sailing wolf will steal the boat to rescue them!'


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Dependency - 依存関係



All modern digital infrastructure

A project some random person in Nebraska has been thanklessly maintaining since 2003

Alt-text: Someday ImageMagick will finally break for good and we'll have a long period of scrambling as we try to reassemble civilization from the rubble.


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COVID Risk Comfort Zone - COVIDリスクコンフォートゾーン


COVID Risk Comfort Zone(COVIDリスクコンフォートゾーン)

Ways to say no when someone tells you to do something outside your COVID risk comfort zone:

Too Indirect(とても間接的)
男(左): You have to come inside.
男(右): Ok, but... I've been trying to follow the science, and they're really emphasizing the transmission risk in enclosed spaces. I know you're wearing a mask, and I feel so awkward making a scene over a tiny risk. But I'm trying to keep my overall risk acceptably low, which means having simple rules so I don't overthink every minor decision. See, if you look at this spreadsheet-

男(右): I'm so sorry, but I'm avoiding shared indoor spaces unless it's an emergency.

Too Direct(とても直接的)
男(右): I'm not setting foot in your haunted plague box.

Alt-text: I'm like a vampire, except I'm not crossing that threshold even if you invite me.
 (僕は吸血鬼のような存在。僕を誘っても 敷居を越えないことを除けば。)


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