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Garbage Math - ゴミの数学


Garbage Math(ゴミの数学)

Precise number + Precise number = Slightly less precise number
 (正確な数値 + 正確な数値 = やや精度の低い数値)
Precise number × Precise number = Slightly less precise number
 (正確な数 × 正確な数 = やや精度の低い数)
Precise number + Garbage = Garbage
 (正確な数 + ゴミ = ゴミ)
Precise number × Garbage = Garbage
 (正確な数 × ゴミ = ゴミ)
√Garbage = Less bad garbage
 (√ゴミ = 悪いゴミが減る)
(Garbage)2 = Worst garbage
 ((ゴミ)2 = 最悪のゴミ)
1/N Σ (N pieces of statistically independent garbage) = Better garbage
 (1 / NΣ(統計的に独立したゴミN個)=より良いゴミ)
(Precise number)Garbage = Much worse garbage
 ((正確な数)ゴミ = さらにひどいゴミ)
Garbage - Garbage = Much worse garbage
 (ゴミ - ゴミ = 更にひどいゴミ)
Precise number / ( Garbage - Garbage ) = Much worse garbage, possible division by zero
 (正確な数 /(ゴミ - ゴミ)= 更にひどいゴミ、ゼロによる除算の可能性)
Garbage × 0 = Precise number
 (ごみ×0 =正確な数)

Alt-text: 'Garbage In, Garbage Out' should not be taken to imply any sort of conservation law limiting the amount of garbage produced.


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Coronavirus Charts - コロナウイルスチャート


Coronavirus Charts(コロナウイルスのチャート)

縦軸: Coronavirus deaths today plus total cases one week ago per capita
横軸: Negative test results per Google search for "COVID" (log scale)

United States(アメリカ)
New York City Area(ニューヨーク市エリア)
Ratio Between France and Spain

Caption: I'm a huge fan of weird graphs, but even I admit some of these coronavirus charts are less than helpful.

Alt-text: Adding data for South Korea but with their cases scaled to match the population of Japan and the land area of Australia, and vice versa.


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RIP John Conway - 追悼、ジョン・コンウェイ


RIP John Conway(追悼、ジョン・コンウェイ)

Alt-text: 1937-2020


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Thermometer - 体温計



男: This thermometer is in Celsius. How do you change it?
欄外の声: Long press the button.

Units: Kelvin
男: No...

Units: Degrees Rankine
男: What.

Units: Average Translational Kinetic Energy
男: This is the worst thermometer.
欄外の声: Boltzmann's constant is on the side if you need it.

Alt-text: I hate how many times you have to press it to get to the system normal people use, degrees Rømer.


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New Sports System - 新スポーツシステム


New Sports System(新スポーツシステム)

It's on the-
Look out!
Viewer Four: No!
Viewer Five: He's right there. Don't run into-
Viewer Six: Go left!
Viewer Seven: Riiight!
Viewer Eight: Left!
Viewer Nine: Stop dunking and find the ball!

No one liked my new sports system, in which each player is in a separate arena sharing a single virtual ball that they can't see while online viewers yell instructions, but it was fun to watch while it lasted.

Alt-text: Under my system, boxing and football suffered, pair figure skating still worked but had to adapt by dropping some moves, and pro wrestling was actually completely unaffected.


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