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Messaging Systems - メッセージングシステム


Messaging Systems(メッセージングシステム)

Vaguely Modern(なんとなく現代的):

Slack,Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Discord, Various DMs
 (スラック、フェースブックメッセンジャー、Google ハングアウト、ディスコード、さまざまなダイレクトメッセージ)

Vaguely ModernとE2E Encrypted(エンドツーエンド暗号化)の間:

Signal, iMessage, Whatsapp

E2E Encrypted:

PGP Email, Various Obscure Projects, Skype I think, Jabber + TLS
 (PGPでの電子メール、曖昧なプロジェクトいろいろ、スカイプだと思う、Jabber + TLS)

Supported By Everyone(みんなに支持される):


Why SMS refuses to die

Alt-text: SMS is just the worst, but I'm having trouble convincing people to adopt my preferred system, TLS IRC with a local server and a patched DOSBox gateway running in my mobile browser.
 (SMSは最悪だが、僕の好みのシステムであるローカルサーバのTLS IRCと、モバイルブラウザで実行されているパッチを当てたDOSBoxゲートウェイを採用するよう、人々を説得するのに苦労している。)


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Parity Conservation - パリティ保存


Parity Conservation(パリティ保存)

男: Listen, I know I said your name three times.
男: But before you come out of the mirror and murder me, can you hold this cobalt-60 and take some measurements?
男: See, I'm researching parity conservation...
It took some negotiating, but I've finally become the first person to coauthor a paper with Bloody Mary.

Alt-text: Bloody Mary is made of antimatter. It explains so much.


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Message Boards - 掲示板


Message Boards(掲示板)

MopedPro Forum(原付プロフォーラム)

NIN85(2000年12月5日): So mad that my mom won't let me get a Vespa. I'm old enough for a moped license and they're really not that dangerous.

JULZ [new user](2020年9月23日): At least she's not stopping you from getting an electric scooter you don't even need a license for

NIN85(2020年9月23日): Okay, Julian, (A) you know we talked about this, and (B) how the heck did you find this thread

I love that message boards are now old enough for this to happen.

Title text: (c) You can have a scooter when you pay for it yourself, and (d) if you can't learn to start a new thread rather than responding to an old one, you'll be banned. [thread locked by moderator]


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Volcano Dinosaur - 火山恐竜


Volcano Dinosaur(火山恐竜)

男: Oh cool, they just found a dinosaur that was buried by a volcanic eruption 125 million years ago.
女: Wow.

女: Was it okay?
男: Hmm, it doesn't say.

Alt-text: Phylogeneticists are working on identifying and notifying its next of kin.


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Voting - 投票



男: I will crawl across broken glass to vote this year if I have to.
女: ...Why would there be broken glass?
女: There aren't even any big windows at our polling place.

男: I will wait in line till the sun burns out.
女: Ok, some places have lines, which is awful, but it's usually pretty quick here?
女: Definitely not 5 billion years.

男: I will walk barefoot across hot coals to cast my ballot!
女: Where would you even find coals?
女: You can wear shoes to vote. This scenario makes no sense.

男: I will swim across a shark-filled channel!
女: That'll take you way outside our precinct.
男: Then I'll swim back!
女: Can you do all this stuff after voting?

Alt-text: 'Wait, our state has mail voting. The forms are literally on the kitchen table.' 'Not now, I'm busy researching which channels have sharks in them.'
 (「待って、この州には郵送投票があるんだ 書類はキッチンのテーブルの上にある。」「今はやめて。どの水路にサメが出てくるか調べてるんだから。」)


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