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Everyone's an Epidemiologist - みんな疫学者


Everyone's an Epidemiologist(みんな疫学者)

女: Ugh, everyone's an epidemiologist.
女: It's like when there's a mountaineering disaster in the news, and suddenly everyone is an expert on mountain climbing safety.
男: I mean, it's not exactly like that.
男: If the entire world's population were suddenly stranded on mountaintops together, a lot of people would understandably be trying to become mountaineering experts really fast.
女: Okay, that's fair.
女: But I do wish they wouldn't keep going on TV and saying "According to my research on gravity, if everyone curls into a ball and rolls, we'll get to the bottom quickly!"
男: Yes, that's definitely not helping.

Alt-text: If enough people uphill decide to try the rolling strategy, they can make the decision for you.


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Coronavirus Genome 2 - コロナウイルスゲノム2


Coronavirus Genome 2(コロナウイルスゲノム2)

男: Hey, if you have the coronavirus genome as a text file, can you email it to me?
女: Sure.
女: ...Why?

男: Nothing.
女: I ... see.
女: Well, here you go.

男: Okay, it's too long for Twitter, but it can fit in a Facebook post.
女: Unsettling that your first instinct is "share it online."
男: It's cool, I sanitized my phone before posting.

Alt-text: [moments later, checking phone] Okay, I agree my posting it was weird, but it's somehow even more unnerving that you immediately liked the post.
 ( [しばらくして、電話を確認] わかった。僕の投稿が奇妙だったのには同意するが、君がすぐ「いいね!」をしたのは、何となくさらに不安になるよ。)


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Coronavirus Genome - コロナウイルスゲノム


Coronavirus Genome(コロナウイルスゲノム)

男: So that's the coronavirus genome, huh?
女: It is!

男: It's weird that you can just look at it in a text editor.
女: It's essential!
女: We geneticists do most of our work in Notepad.

男: Notepad?
女: Yup! Nicer labs use Word, which lets you change the genome font size and make nucleotides bold or italic.

男: Ah, okay.
女: That extra formatting is called "epigenetics".

男: Hey, why does that one have a red underline?
女: When we identify a virus, we add its genome to spellcheck. That's how we spot mutations.
男: Clever!

Alt-text: Spellcheck has been great, but whoever figures out how to get grammar check to work is guaranteed a Nobel.


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Use or Discard By - 使用または破棄


Use or Discard By(使用または破棄)

女: These emergency flare guns are about to expire.
男: I forgot we had those.
女: This one says "Use or discard by Apr 25 2020."
男: Okay...
女: But this one just says "Use by" ...
男: No.

Alt-text: One of the things of bear spray says that, and I'm not one to disobey safety instructions, but there are no bears around here. Guess it's time for a camping trip where we leave lots of food out!


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Sourdough Starter - サワードウスターター


Sourdough Starter(サワードウスターター)

男: My sourdough starter is coming along nicely!

Theory: The coronavirus is a yeast symbiont with an extremely convoluted parasitic life cycle.

Alt-text: Once the lockdown is over, let's all get together and swap starters!


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2020年) です。